Daniel Henney was in the Philippines

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  1. haydee says:

    that is really great of him to do that, and the fact that he visited without anyone in the media knowing it is a good thing too. can you imagine just how much money local networks would have gotten if it was one huge visit?

    • emer barata says:

      he was here.. i remember that shirt he’s wearing, he left that in the hotel with his sneakers… pinagagawan na yata ng mga attendant dun.

  2. criselda says:

    he was here? i think he’s gwapo. i’m a fan of spring waltz. i like the soundtrack. i emailed you last time. remember?

  3. gail says:

    good for daniel henney. he seems to be such a good guy. 🙂

  4. james says:

    Daniel visits me every day in my dreams, hehehe.
    I’m so glad I found this site. I hope you’ll entertain questions about Korean life in the future.

    The site redesign was a great decision. I felt lost digging around the archives in the old layout. The current one is a lot better.

  5. Betchay says:

    hi james! thanks for visiting… if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask… you may post it here or send me an e-mail 🙂

  6. marian del rosario says:

    thats nice of him to visit the Philippines, without the media going crazy about it. he seems to be a nice guy after all.

  7. shed says:

    i once visited his cyworld and saw some pics we took in the philippines…

    that’s so nice of him… 😀

  8. marga says:

    woah. i’m surprised.
    he’s a very good man.

    about this site…
    I really admire this site.
    I was only reading some posts here back then.
    But now, I can’t help but write my comments.
    Haha~ Its funny, but I have this Korean dream.
    (taliwas sa nakagawiang ‘American Dream’)
    That’s why I’m really happy that the author of this site is a Filipina like me who luckily resides in Korea now.
    Thank you so much.!

  9. marga says:

    OMG this is 2007 pa pala!! hahaha! ok lang.

  10. ImtiRainn says:

    Now we all know that besides his charming personality, he has a heart of gold too. Love u Dan oppa.. I’m your bigsest fan from India

  11. lynn says:

    shockz!!!..too bad for me not to knew that Daniel Henney came here in the Philippines…a lot of Filipinos missed that moment supposedly being with him…tchk!…Take care always, Daniel!^^ Kam sa hamnida for sharing your blessings here.^^ (though, indeed late.TT.TT)

  12. emer barata says:

    Daniel Henney was here. I personally met him during dinner time at Tia Maria’s in Greenbelt. at first i did not realized that he’s an actor in korea. I was just invited to have dinner with them because I was a scholar of compassion international in the Philippines. Its a wonderful opportunity to meet him and have a chat the whole night with another korea star. He’s so humble and nice. People around the place didnt notice him, im not sure if they are aware that he’s in manila. He’s just wearing red faded shirt, bullcap and blue faded jeans. that was a memorable event for me. Hope to see his team again.

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