“seollal” – Korea’s lunar new year celebration

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  1. ace says:

    hi ! thanks for writing this!! very very interesting.. u know i like to read and if i can, experience foreign food and customs as well..

  2. haydee says:

    wow interesting talaga ang life dyan sa Korea.

    Thanks for sharing it the way you do. I really hope to visit Korea in the future

  3. victoria says:

    very interesting! did you also wear a hanbok? hmm and na-observe ko lang (and i guess it represents the society) yung female subordination sa preparation and rites…

  4. Betchay says:

    ^^ my pleasure…

    @victoria – yup, i wore a hanbok… and i looked like a tent! korea is a highly patriarchial society (no thanks to confucianism)… but it doesn’t really mean that women are repressed here (well, kinda)…

  5. christine says:

    Hi! I don’t know how I came upon your blogs but I just think it’s so cool and interesting how youre filipina and you know SO MUCH about our korean culture! I’m actualy a second generation korean (19 yrs old) living in California and I have a filipino boyfriend who I’ve been dating for 2 years. it just sucks because my parents don’t approve of him simply becuase he’s not korean. this blog just reminded me of him cuz a few days ago was my grandpa’s death anniversary, jae sah, (i’m sure you know about this) and he came over and he was helping my mom out in the kitchen and stuff like you. I dont know.. hopefully, my parents will come to their senses and accept who i love.

  6. kalay says:

    after watching few of korean drama… i have this feeling that i wanted to go there in Korea and experience korean customs and tradition… im asking my parents how i could go there… and i they will allow me to study in Korea… I love Chinese people when i was in college.. You bet sometimes when i feel so lonely i always go at Binondo or Chinatown and just walk there…kung san man ako dalhin ng paa ko.. and i couldnt stop smiling when i saw a group of chinese people and their language.. i really like to learn how to speak mandarin or whatever but now im so much curious about korean culture…everytime im online im looking for anything about korean…that’s why im here on your website… i really wanted to go there.. is it really expensive? how about the cost of living? and studyong there?? haaaayy…. i wish i could go there… hope you give me some advice too…. do you have pictures of places in korea???
    here’s my contact kalay_stillpretty12@yahoo.com

  7. Betchay says:

    @kalay >> why not come here as a korean language student? there are some universities in the provinces offering scholarships to those who want to learn the language… i know someone who’s here on such scholarship, pinay siya and she’s learning the language and experiencing life here for free… i’ll ask her how she got the scholarship and then i’ll post it later…

  8. Priscilla Moffett says:

    I am researching for a program I will present on Korean Wedding ritual and date setting etc……My son (American) and daughter in law, from Busan, SK were married in Sept 07. I attended ,wearing hanbok and
    looked like a baloon! I will wear it for my presentation however.
    Having trouble finding details for symbolism for the ducks. Also the
    rice cakes which were presented to us at the bride’s home by her mother and aunts (her father died in accident when she was a child)
    The cakes looked beautiful but had no taste….we were kind and ate
    some, smiling. Also, does anyone know about traditions regarding
    young widows with small children and remarriage?………I guess there are some taboos?
    thanks for any info!!

  9. Jenny Miller says:

    Very fascinating! I’ve got a chance to visit Korea in one of their most highlighted festivals. It’s more of a Chinese tradition I think, since it’s called Chinese New Year for the others, but in any rate Koreans were able to blend in their own unique culture with it.

  1. February 13, 2010

    […] “seollal” – the Korean Lunar New Year’s celebration ‘Tis the season for gift sets […]

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