Jung Da Bin, jasal!

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  1. cheryle says:

    i don’t understand….suicide seems to be so rampant among korean actresses……too bad….i feel sorry for them

  2. Cathy Sioson says:

    very shocking news. half of the female population in asia is probably mourning over her sensational death. what’s with s. korea’s movie industry that makes famous actresses, like jeong da bin and lee eun-ju commit suicide? thought their entertainment industry is in full bloom, considering that many of their celebrities are enjoying popularity all over asia. read a report late last year that, aside from journalists, korean actors are among the most dissatisfied with their profession. i find this really intriguing.

  3. ellen says:

    this is so sad. how can someone whose only 27 think of ending a life which has yet to see its full bloom. her demise was featured in several manila newspapers and also in the showbiz talk show ‘startalk’. even got some text messages disturbed by her death. in fact at a gathering at a friends house, her untimely demise was one of the topics discussed. they cannot jsut believe that noreen (how jung dabin is called here) left us. she seemed jolly and so funny. maybe there was this insecurity lurking i in her and she just cannot cope with the downside of the career she has chosen. just to show how we consider korean entertainment as part of our entertainment scene alongside with the local and howllywood fare.

  4. abigfan says:

    She was my one & only korean actress favorite. She was pretty and a great actress. I had a collection of her pictures and movies. Sometimes I wish this was only a bad dream. But I guess it’s not. May she rest in peace.
    She will always be in our hearts, and she will greatly be missed.

    Depression is REAL. If any of you have a loved one that has the slightest sign of depression, please seek help before it’s too late. When in that dark, isolated place, each of us needs someone to toss down a “rope” to help pull us out. That “rope” or treatment may come in the form of support from loved ones, or the help of a counselor or mental health treatment. I read that some signs are:
    • Sadness, unhappiness, tearfulness
    • Sleeping excessively or being unable to sleep
    • Loss of energy
    • Loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed
    • Irritability
    • Difficulty thinking or concentrating
    • Sudden change in appetite
    • Physical discomfort
    • Feelings of worthlessness
    • Thoughts of suicide or death

    Please don’t be fooled by a sudden burst of happiness from a depressed person. It can be a really bad sign. It’s like the calm before the storm.

    Also, excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to one’s health. Please drink in moderation.

    Again, to Jung Da Bin, my favorite Korean Actress, May you REST IN PEACE. You will be missed.


  5. mrm says:

    hi i am iranian boy

    you are so very very very very very very beautiful

  6. when i heard about this news early this year, i felt so bad and sad. i miss her acting, i must admit. i loved her character so much in Attic Cat.

    here in the philippines, though poverty and crime is so rampant, people usually commit suicide. they try to resolve the problem as much as they can.

    Jung Da Bin will surely be missed, may she rest in peace now. farewell….

  7. leklekito says:

    …… :'( she’ll be missed… :'(

  8. lizzie says:

    ive watched jung da bin in the movie, “he is cool” with song seung heon(?) and there was this part where they were watching lee byung hun and lee eun ju dancing (from the movie Bunjee jumping on their own)…weird…coz lee eun ju committed suicide year before she did..such fate!!

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