Jumong rules!

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  1. anne says:

    hi there,
    i’ve been searching over the net where’s jumong shooting located.
    i just want to know if where is the filming location of jumong, esp when hae mosu first hug yuhwa.
    i really loved that scene, and also the field surrounded by seemed yellow flowers.
    so that when the time come i have to visit to korea, thats the very place i’ll visit..

    anne, Las Pinas, Philippines.

    • lorenzo says:

      Naju Samhanji Theme Park korea,
      its really hard to find on 3d google maps,
      search for the coordinates and you’ll
      find it very easy….


  2. girl_fan23 says:

    hi. I constantly visit your site and read your postings. Am in the Philippines right now and just like you i like korean dramas. I just would like to share with since you are a Jumong fan that I went to Quaipo last week and guess what they are selling Jumong dvd copy w/ subtitles for P150 only! Its P150 bec it includes 3 disks. 🙂

  3. Betchay says:

    ^^ thanks for visiting… i’m wondering if it’s complete… it’s still showing in korea with 8 episodes more to go…

  4. girl_fan23 says:

    i think its complete bec most of the dvd’s that they they sell there are complete sets. I have a whole bunch of collections. If its just 1 disk its only P50! 🙂

  5. richard says:

    kumpleto na yata yun! hehehe.. muntik na kmi bumili ni carmi eh. kaya lang baka palpak ang subtitle.. adik na din si carmi dyan!!!

  6. ellen says:

    hi! ‘jumong’ fever has hit us here also. it is so exciting, action packed and dramatic as well. you’re right kdramas with rich boy meets poor girl and vice versa has become tiring .so much so that i’ve shifted to watching dvds of us dramas like ‘grey’s anatomy’, ‘house’ ‘csi’, ‘prison break’ etc. for the last couple of weeks until i watched an epi of ‘jumong’ on gma. i am and is completely hooked with jumong. like so many of jumongers out there i also have my own dvd copies which i bought for 210pesos/set. ‘jumong’ started with less than 20% ratings but has now reached the 30’s, it will only get better as the more exciting epis still have yet to be shown( epi 21, 33 onwards).

  7. prince_abeh says:

    hahah! I already watch the dvd which contain 60 episode. it was a very exciting telenovela and full of adventures. when Jumong departed from the buyu palace and build his own nation (finding Ancient Korean Lost Land) his father (King Gingwa) become his brutal enemy and also his two brother. there’s so many fierce fighting happened between them. imagine I watched for almost 14 hours for every day of 5 days. hahah! but i didn’tfeel bured.

  8. shine says:

    hello! ive finished the 3 discs of jumong i bought at makati square. its not yet complete and im dying to get my hands on the 4th disc. when will they release it here? i cant wait.

  9. Jumongianz says:

    jumong episode 61-80 will release coming this march…

  10. anne says:

    hi shine!
    where exactly in makati square you bought the discs?
    please tell me, cause im dying to hold it in my hands, (not really but i really love it)

  11. emjaygee says:

    i hope you could lend us the DVD also…and i want to visit the place of jumong too…waaah..too bad…it’s just a dream..

  12. kiomy says:

    hey! i super love jumong. The plot is so different because as we all know it was based from Korea’s history. I am currently searching for wallpapers of JUmong and i came acroos your site. It’s so nice cause I could share my thoughts and my admirations to the film through this. Hey, if you have any idea where to find wallpapers and other stuffs about Jumong. . . pls. do tell me where the site is. Thanks!

  13. abee says:

    hi girl_fan23, sorry to inform you that the 3 dvd set you bought is not complete… in only includes episodes 1-60… i think it lacks 61-80… just everybody here i was an instant fan… nice, nice show

  14. sayokane says:

    ahh… jumong rulezzz…. hanep! its a really beautiful story… ahhh.. i’v already watch the dvd containing 60 episodes. i have to go home early just to watch that..hehe.. ahh.. i cnt wait to get my hands on the 4th disc.. jumong and so-seo-no i luv u 2!!!! 🙂

  15. jumong rulez says:

    hahaha. i got the 4th and 5th disc for episode 60-80 pero bitin parin. i cant wait to watch the ending…sna dumating…

  16. valsj says:

    I bought a 3 copy dvd but its not yet complete. it takes 1 week for me to finish watching. Im still looking for 61 to 80 episode. hope someone could help here. im from valenzuela phils.

  17. jummonggers says:

    hi!grabe 1 rin ako sa mga adik sa jumong crush ko nga s jumong.he.he.he.nkbili na ako ng 5 disk ng jumung putol pa rin hanggang 70 chapter lang.kakainis nga bitin

  18. darkoxen says:

    Woah!! nakabili ako ng 4-5 dvd part ng jumong kaso 60-70 lng ang laman, i mean 5 episodes lng taga isa pero magana yung resolution nya. Woah!!! grabeh, kulang ng 10 episodes for 70-80!!! Tutuo po ba yung 4-5dics nyo complete na from 60-80?? or nagsinungaling lang kau?!? plz tell the truth.

  19. Betchay says:

    hindi pa tapos yung series dito sa Korea… last tuesday pa lang pinalabas ang episode 77… kung gusto mo pwede namang i-download from clubbox (http://clubbox.co.kr/creidesca) at kumuha ng subtitle from http://www.sendspace.com/file/5t0w7d (from KBFD)

  20. madmax says:

    jumong fans, 61-70 is out on another 2-DVD disks pack. 5 episodes per DVD.

  21. robert says:

    how can we download from this site–>http://clubbox.co.kr/creidesca?

  22. air says:

    kulang ung JUmong…til 60 episodes lang nasa pilipinas..san ko pdeng makuha ung 61-80 na episodes..i can’t wait to finish it na..tagal sa tv eh..pls..sana may sumagot..tnx a lot pow..

  23. air says:

    madmax..where had you bought the 61-70 episodes? pls IM me in my YM… krizzy_delavega@yahoo.com

  24. air says:

    please inform me naman po kung san makakabili ng 61-80 episodes ng jumong…email nyo nalang po ako..krizzy_delavega@yahoo.com..tnx po

  25. Jmong says:

    4~5 disc @180/set. text me 09064710862

  26. Joyce says:

    Hi Betchay!
    I have downloaded episodes from clubbox the problem is I cannot understand Korean. What will I do?
    How does Sendspace work?

  27. dondon says:

    there is already episodes 71-77 available. i bought it in edsa central in mandaluyong.

  28. chris says:

    hi.. until what episode po ba ang Jumong..is it still airing in Korea?..i have dvd ep until 70 only..the copy is good kya lang subtitle is poor kailangan pa ng analyzing. I heard as well na kinasal si So-seono and Jumong..but So-seono will leave jumong as well..is this true?..

  29. tuscan says:

    hi everyone. for additional information lang to. browse nyo yung jumong (both history/myth & korean drama).

  30. tuscan says:

    sa wikepedia imaean. sowee. ^_^

  31. tuscan says:

    anu ba. wikipedia. i mean.

  32. zgnav says:

    hi…jumong addicts!! ive already watched episode 71-77 wherein his son yuri is already a teenager..just like jumong he’s very good in martial arts and sword fights….and then finally jumong and yuri met. yuri searched for the broken sword at the palace….how he entered the buyo palace? that’s for u to think about…the only way jumong can recognize yuri is through the broken sword…jumong will marry soseono but it doesnt end there i still have to look for episodes 78-81 at MRT starmall. grabeh na ito!!

  33. chris says:

    tapos na ba ang Jumong sa Korea..? until episode 82 daw cya..dont know..

  34. cynth says:

    Hello peepz!Jumong fan din ako!super addict na ako sa Jumong. I didn’t sleep for two days thinking i could finish watching it.hahaha..to my charign..di pa rin pala tapos. Til 77th episode na ako. May nabili na ba kayo na til 81 ep?

  35. cynth says:

    email nyo na lang ako kung may 78-81 episode na..plsss.. dazzlingcynth@yahoo.com

  36. chris says:

    san nyo nabili ung ep 71-77?? ang galing nyo naman..hehe.

  37. chris says:

    tapos na ba ang Jumong sa Korea..? ..answer naman ohh..

  38. hanjongsu says:

    meron na pong complete set ng jumong sa quiapo…bilisan mo lang ksi mabilis maubos ang mga kopya ksi dami ng mga jumongers…ako nga un husband ko ang taga bili ko kya cya ang nagtyaga maghanao tlga.

  39. jonalyn says:

    JUMONG truly rules!!!ang gwapo nya….we can’t deny the mere fact that jumong is also making his own history here in the philippines…; p

  40. salet says:

    kumpleto na po dvd sa mga muslim. hanggang episode 81 po. 9 disc lahat

  41. cynth says:

    Natapos nyo naba panoorin ang “JUMONG”? til 81 ep? sad ako after panoorin sya..grabe..a sad love story..sana may part 2 pa..para happy naman..

  42. chris says:

    harhhar!!! I have my complete copy na..right sa Quiapo..

  43. Sam Javier says:

    I love you Jumong!!!

  44. rayyan says:

    where can i watch fjumong free in the internet!, what website pls

  45. kenneth Sancebutche says:

    i’m addict in jumong very much subrang ganda ng jumong
    nakaka adik talaga subrang ganda talaga….. try to watch it ma aadik talaga kayo..

  46. lyka rosales says:

    alam nio supaer addict kmi sa jumong lalo na ung tito koh ang galing kc ng ganap nila eehh LOVE IT nood keoh super ganda

  47. lyka rosales says:

    alam nio supaer addict kmi sa jumong lalo na ung tito koh ang galing kc ng ganap nila eehh LOVE IT nood keoh super ganda………………

  48. jeralyn says:

    love ko ung jumong coz verry gwapo si jumong ,i want see 1st nd end jumong story

    thnx u


  49. jeralyn says:

    i want see more jumong story coz im happy if i see hole story

  50. ramil says:

    mgkano b ang complete set ng jumong dvd sa quiapo,
    hindi ko kc napanood ung umpisa ng jumong, pero kahit hindi ko naumpisahan na hook pa rin ako ni pareng jumong at mareng soshoeno.. magaling lahat ng cast lalo na si desu pag nagagalit lumalaki ang mata hahaha!. baka may mabait jan pahiramin nyo n lang ako ng dvd ng jumong ok b? ito pala email ko abarzosa_1024@yahoo.com

  51. alan says:

    mga frends na addict kay jumong paki add nio nmn ako jackass_xxx069@yahoo.com sa frendster po yan

  52. mrs. song il gook says:

    hi!!!grabe i will miss jumong nd all d cast!! grbe sobrang gnda tlaga nd wlang k2lad!!! nd nkkbitin tlaga!!!…..

  53. rudskey says:

    hi im fan of jumong… i will mz him too…..

  54. weng says:

    hi there! jumong fans. In case anybody interested of the jumong dvd with english subtitles. meron ako. im selling it ng 3500. original kasi sya. not same quality as nung nasa quiapo. pls email me sa rowenajanelle_co@yahoo.com if interested. thanks

  55. medyum says:

    thanks turkey medyum love you

  56. mich says:

    I just started watching this and I am hooked!

    michs last blog post..Italy on the Desert front

  57. Medyum says:

    thank you very much
    i am turkish medium hodja
    very nice blog

  58. Joan M. Quiapo says:

    Grabe! Jumong rules! The best story ever. Very unexpected ang flow ng story. Very commendable lahat ng actors, directors, writers, and production staff ng Jumong. Great! Hope to meet Jumong’s writer. (Harhar)

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