a very merry christmas

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3 Responses

  1. cheryle says:

    hi there, it really feels good to read ur blog once in a while, i also married a korean but unlike you i haven’t found any filipino friends in korea yet, i have some schoolmates in u.p. who are studying in yonsei university but it’s quite difficult to keep in touch with them…..aside from that i live in uijeongbu…hahahaha….quite far right?i envy you but i also feel happy for you….keep on writing so that i will have something to read all the time…take care

  2. haydee says:

    hmm everything looks really good. you must miss Christmas in Pinas ano?

  3. Eanne says:

    Geez, miss that leche flan! All that food looks talagang delicious. We do have a lot of Filipino groceries and little restaurants in the USA, but there’s nothing like home cooking no? And nothing like getting together and speak our own language amongst ourselves.

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