from the buckeye state

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  1. haydee says:

    How fun! 10 days seems so short though. Maybe next timeyou will be able to stay longer and bring your son to Disneyland. When he is ready and old enough to enjoy it 😉

    On second thought, they already have it in Japan and HK hehehe

  2. abc says:

    You’re the first ever who says she misses Seoul’s clean public bathrooms. Quite surprised since most of Western expats always complain how dirty public bathrooms are in Korea, while theirs is sparkling clean.

  3. Day says:

    hi! didn’t know you have baby boy till I ready your comment on mine. congratulations!

    I always say to new moms to savor every moment of with your babies, kasi they grow so fast talaga. just yesterday my little one was this tiny pea in the pod and stays wherever I put her, now she’s an explorer and a kicker – wont even let me hold her when she’s busy with something. hayyy.

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