rivermaya rocks korea!

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  1. megastina says:

    hi betchay!

    wow, pupunta sila dito sa ulsan ha? hope we can meet up if ever makarating ka. also, i know that it would be far and tiring to travel from seoul, but our place is open in case you want (and for other pinoy bloggers here in Korea as well) to stay overnight.

    we can have a bloggers pajama party after the concert, hehehe

    here’s my # 010-2280-0262

  2. Ang layo naman ng Ulsan, pero at least mura ang presyo ng ticket 🙂

  3. name says:

    please can you feature this youtube video, i just want the world to know how much i love my wife and daughter!!! ty!


  4. macy says:

    Hope to see you all there at the Rivermaya concert in Ulsan on Dec. 17 at the Jongha Gymnasium. Let’s jam and rock the night away with our country’s no. 1 band!

    Tickets are moving quite fast so here’s a list of outlets and people where you could score your tickets:

    Tambayang Pinoy- 2456429 (c/o Grace or Liezl)
    Las Vegas Pub- 052-2431274
    Kyungju/Mowa/Ipsil- 010-72631485 (c/o Julius)
    Asianmart- 054-7415554 (c/o Mr. Min)


    Newsgate-051-4637950 (c/o Eugie)
    Mabuhay Restaurant-051-4647567 (c/o Marie)
    Kabayan Restaurant along Texas St.

    For those in Masan/Changwon/ Jinhe/Jinju- 010-84886429 (c/o Fham)

    For those in Daegu
    010-64307492 or 053-9539448 (Prof. Marlon Diloy)

    For all other inquiries and ticket reservations, please call Hermie Albao (019-5402474 or 101-58446429) or Fham at 010-84886429.

    This is a benefit concert for our kababayans in Ulsan so let’s all go out and support this project!

    Here’s a list of where you could get tickets

  5. efren says:

    baka pwedeng i-post yung map ng venue. tsaka paki-sama na rin ang ibang landmarks.

    thanks. 🙂

  6. hermie says:

    The venue for the Rivermaya concert, the Jongha Gymnasium, is very near the Ulsan City Hall and the Gong-Op-Tap Rotory. Will post the map asap.

    Two lucky ticket holders will also have a chance to win a food cart worth P50,000 which could be a small business for their families in the Philippines. We’re also negotiating for “libreng tawag” a Pinas and legal services at the venue during the event day itself but before the Rivermaya performance.

    So, we hope to see you all there!

  7. Lhon says:

    Sa lahat po ng interested bumili ng tickets and other queries & requests about the concert (like maps, bus, etc.), feel free to email me: m.a.diloy@myself.com

    anna thanks for the ad. Godbless us all!

  8. kristine garcia says:

    interesting!!!!…rivermaya in korea!…well, this is not about rivermaya…i’m just wondering… are there really a lot of filipinos in s. korea??haha!..expected..haha!pinoys can really be expected anywhere in the world!
    well, anyway…i wanna go there too..i don’t know you but i envy you guys!..really!

  9. Rica Custodio says:

    I’m Rica Custodio, media associate here in the Philippines and I currently have a project that would help our Filipino migrants in Korea, hopefully in the near future. Given this, I’d like to seek your help in checking what Filipino media (TV network or shows, radio program or station, newspapers, magazines, etc.) are available in Korea.

    My email address: mizpah079@hotmail.com

  10. lynm says:

    hmm… rivermaya is not the same anymore w/o rico.. pero i guess the band has to move on.. gee they are going to be performing in asia song festival 2008 wows… ahahaha i hope they’re going to sing Sugal ng Kapalaran/Sleep pero.. kung hindi ahah ok lang…… good luck na lang sila .. make phil proud ehehehe

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