wanted: filipino english teacher

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  1. rgyl says:

    got an ESL job in China for almost 2 years and am ready to pack up my things for seoul. just looking for someone to be a sponsor, so i could get an E7 visa from here.

    hope this phil-korean program can help. thanks!

  2. jiwonsi says:

    Sorry, but you need to have an F2 or F5 visa and an ACR ID to qualify for the job. So its not meant for people living outside Korea.

  3. eenia says:

    tsk tsk… and i thought it’s for filipinos here in the phils. oh well.. tough luck. thanks. i hope there’ll be other opportunities

  4. gcol says:

    Great blog you got here. kala ko puede ang mga nasa Pilipinas sa job na yan..baka sa susunod meron.

  5. Doddie from Korea says:


    I found your site from another food blog that listed one of your recipes for sitaw. I am also a Filipina living here in Korea but I’m married to an American. It would be nice to correspond with you. I have a hard time finding Filipino vegetables like sitaw and okra here. I hope to hear from you soon.


  6. anne says:

    Hi Betchay,

    I felt the need to go to your blog once more to share a good news to our Pinoys in South Korea. RIVERMAYA IS FINALLY COMING OVER TO PERFORM IN KOREA! This will be on December 16, 2006, Saturday, 7 pm at the Jongha Gymnasium in Ulsan Industrial City. Tickets are at 25,000 KRW.This rock concert is for the benefit of the Ulsan Association of Filipinos. I know Ulsan is quite far from Seoul where most of your bloggers are based but I do hope to see some of you there especially so that this is the first time that Rivermaya is performing in Korea. So, hope to see you. And please spread the word around. Thanks.

  7. Becky Perry says:

    In the wake of North Korea’s first successful nuclear test, The Washington Post’s PostGlobal and Oxford International Review are sponsoring exclusive blog responses to a question posed by former South Korean President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Kim Dae-Jung:
    Why do you think the current US Administration has refused direct negotiations with North Korea, despite North Korea’s proposal to do so?

    OIR posed this question to a panel of students from the United States and Asia gathered at Hong Kong University to participate in the Asia Institute for Political Economy, a program conducted by The Fund for American Studies. Click here to read their commentary, in light of recent events: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/postglobal/debate/korea/

    Because of your interest in the region, you are invited to join the conversation and pose questions to our panel. OIR and PostGlobal would love your input.

  8. algol says:


    It would be nice if tickets would be available in Seoul so that we would be assured of a seat. Most likely, I would come. Just make sure that Rivermaya plays their old hits (Elise!)

    Doddie from Korea
    Sitaw (stringbeans?) are sold at Hyehwa during Sundays (you know, the ambulant Filipino market near the catholic church). Take line no. 4, get off at Hyehwa station (one station away from Dongdaemun)

  9. Judes says:

    Happy New Year to all. I wanted to work in Korea. Any work can do. Can anyone help me find a sponsor? Thank you

  10. icea says:

    Hi Ms. Betchay,

    In lieu of this job post (i know this comment is a bit late), may i also ask if it is possible for Filipinos (BS grad from top 3 prestigious schools but no teaching experience) to secure an English teaching job (or an assistant english teaching job) in seoul?

    Many thanks and i wish you and you family a healthy, successful 2007.

  11. lem says:

    im now teaching here in south korea..i want to experience another teaching opportunities..can you help?

  12. lem says:

    im now teaching here in south korea..i want to experience another teaching opportunities..can you help?contact me via email..thanks!mabuhay!

  13. Hi!

    This is somewhat related to the English teacher job, but we are a start-up company from the Philippines teaching English through phone and internet (voice chat).

    We’re looking for people who could join our marketing/ recruitment team based in Korea. This is a part-time job, a good way to earn extra income.

    Send us an email if anyone’s interested for more details at englishguide@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  14. mikhs says:

    I’m wondering if this ad i still good. I wanted to work there a year ago but now i’m far more desperate to experience teaching english in Korea! Which site could help me best?

  15. Glenda T. Latina says:

    I’m a pre-school teacher here in the philippines. and i want to work also in korea. can you help me?

  16. tarah marie says:


    Help! I want to work in south korea and relocate in south korea since my bf (korean) will soon be relocated there… Teaching or any Industrial engineering jobs would do.. I got a Bachelor degree in industrial engineering and a diploma in professional education and special education. Ive taught college already at one of the prestigious college here in the philippines at Philippine Paramedical Technical School as a college dosage calculation professor (math application on medicine) . Its a private school offering practical nursing which is a 2 year course. I was Handling 2nd courser students , professionals and fresh grads for 7 months to be exact.. I also have experience teaching in special education handling special students level 2 to 4 with multiple learning disabilities and the highly gifted and accelerated. As of now im connected with Lopez Sugar Corporation working as an Professional Technical Supervisor (industrial engineer) for a few months now but i really would want to work in south korea preferably near incheon or ilsan. I also got a TestDaf certificate in business german language. can you help!>? a million thanks. contact me via email tnj30806@hotmail.com

  17. Jake Graves says:

    Attention to all Koreans Schools in South and Nort Korea!

    You know what, be practical. Frankly speaking, why are you hired Native English Teachers?hahahah.funny! The U.S, London, Australia, Canada and other countries are looking and hiring teachers from Philippines. And you don’t need pay very expensive salary inorder that your student learn and speak english well. You can find the very good english teacher only in the Philippines. It is proven and tested that philippine teacher is the best in terms of teaching method.

    Canadian University
    College Jean-de-Brebeuf,Montreal

  18. Jake Graves says:

    To all the readers kindly please pass my message to all korean school in korea.This is a serious message and please don’t ignore this, it is good to your countrymen to accept the reality. How could you hired native english teacher if the student lock of knowledge in english alphabet.

  19. ayekaye says:

    To Mr. Jake Graves:

    Yes, I completely agree with you because I’m a Filipino. However, you really have bad English and you spelled “lack” as “lock”. So how can you convince Korea that Filipinos are the best people to teach English? If they happen to read your message, I’m certain Korea will conclude that it’s, indeed, better to hire native English speakers. Check your grammar and spelling.

    • beth says:

      Although you posted this a year ago but I would love to repy. Please be kind in giving your comments. Nobody’s perfect even the smartest person make mistakes. Lock and lack has no big difference. I always experience it, most especially if I’m writing governs by my emotion. Being a good teacher doesn’t mean you should be perfect but I think a good teacher is an authentic encourager. Intead of pulling someone down please help them boost thier confidence.

  20. Carl says:

    LOLed at Mr. Jake Graves ^_^

  21. Tarun says:

    I’m a web devoloper here in the philippines . and i want to work also in korea. can you help me?

  22. I know that Mr. Graves’ English was not that good but being Filipinos we must respect each other. If we’ve found out that our countrymen is not that capable we must only correct him. Don’t be “CRAB THINKERS”. “Kaya tayo hindi umuunlad dito pa lang sa blog na ito, nagsisraan na kayo. Malay nyo “typographical error” lang yan. AMINADO AKO MAHINA SIYA MAG -ENGLISH, pero sana i-correct niyo na lang. Wag niyo na i-down. Nakakahiya nag i- ingles kayo dito nakikita ng mga ibang foreigners.

    ITo ay isa lamang sa mga problema nating mga FILIPINO kaya hindi tayo maunlad. Kung ang gobyerno ay may kasalanan sa paghihirap natin, sa palagay ko “LAHAT” tayo may kasalanan dahil hindi tayo nagtutulungan.

    CRAB MENTALITY– ito ay isa lang sa sumisira sa atin. Pwede ba nating i-reform ito?

  23. Hakan B. says:

    This is somewhat related to the English teacher job, but we are a start-up company from the Philippines teaching English through phone and internet (voice chat).

    We’re looking for people who could join our marketing/ recruitment team based in Korea. This is a part-time job, a good way to earn extra income.

    Hakan B.s last blog post..Memory Techniques

  24. anne says:

    hi.Im interested for the part-time job.Im in korea right now.pls feel free to contact me though my e-mail.01029261903

  25. anne says:

    to HAKAn…
    above is my #.this is my email add.masscomanne2002@yahoo.com

  26. anne amrie says:

    i’m interested for the part-time job… hoping for your immediate response…thank you and GOD bless.

  27. kaven says:

    hi…I’m still new in this site…
    I am an ESL-teacher in one of the biggest engilsh school in Cebu, Phil.
    im just wondering what are the chances I can work in korea to teach English…I have lots of friends (korean) there…so i don’t think my stay will be a problem…but they told me i will have hard time applying for visa (even just visit)…
    please help me…thanks…

  28. Betchay says:

    @kaven — Korea doesn’t give E2 (English teaching) visas to Filipinos now… but i advise you to be patient, from what i’ve been hearing, it wouldn’t take long for the government to change its policy regarding this…

  29. grace says:

    Im a student here in korea. But i just go to school every sunday..may i apply the teaching job posted here?

  30. helena says:

    Hi! I’m an esl teacher in Baguio City and I’m very much interested to go to korea for a tour. My students family will be sponsoring me as what they have said and their daughter who is a good friend of mine will accompany me in the korean embassy. what are my chances?

  31. Betchay says:

    @helena >> you’ll need to prove to the embassy that you’ll come back and that you’re not planning to work on your visit

  32. baby says:

    i’m a new in this site….i’m interested on this part time job in the phils.my phone no. is 3442073

  33. baby says:

    betchay…sana nga it will not take too long to give us an opportunity to give us a working visa as an english teacher.

  34. baby says:

    baby says: i’m interested to work as a part time tutor for korean online . no problem i have an experiences working to korean people …i just want to know the email add. of the person…thank you pls. help me.

  35. dolly says:

    hi, i’m currently working as english teacher here in thailand but interested about teaching in korea…can you help me? my contract here is just until feb. 28…can you help me find job there?thanks…

  36. Michelle says:

    To Hakan: I’m interested about the part time job.this is my email micai614@yahoo.com

    Michelles last blog post..Christmas in Seoul

  37. Mikaela says:

    To hakan:Is the part time job still available?

  38. sherme says:

    im a graduate student here in korea for 2 semesters now.i started last year.i finished my undergrad in mindanao state university bachelor in science of agricultural engineering.could i have any chance of working in your institution?

  39. Joy says:

    to Sarut,
    I’m interested about teaching English in Thailand
    This is my e-mail ad (sheatpedestal88@yahoo.com)

    Joys last blog post..Generalizing the migrant women in Korea

  40. cecil says:

    hi..i just want to ask about this job opportunity for filipino english teachers. Is it still vacant? I am presently living in mokdong, seoul city. I have my acr ID. I am interested in this job because I have been teaching English for 7 years. How can I send my resume? Do they have email address or do I need to apply personally? Thank you so much.

  41. Hever says:


    I was an English teahcer in the Philippines for 20 years. After that I came to Canada and also graduated my BA English Minor in Education at Concordia University.I wanted to apply for a teaching position in Korea.


  42. arvinsign says:

    @ seonsaengnim mak

    I think you are overreacting. I dont see any tinge of crab mentality in the posts that followed after him. First, how did you know that this Jake Graves is indeed a filipino?

  43. Anie says:

    hi….i’m anie.I’m teaching here in Thailand.

  44. Anie says:

    I am interested to apply as an English teacher in korea..is it difficult to apply?

  45. jackie says:

    Hello! I am interested in applying for a teaching position in Korea, but I do not have visa. Is it still possible to get there and work then?

    By the way, I saw the blog comment about someone who kind of insulted Mr. Graves’ English. I agree with mak. We Filipinos should quit on crab mentality. It will not take us farther.

  46. carol says:

    I just like to ask if the teaching position is still open for application at the moment?

  47. Jam says:

    Hi! I’m really interested in teaching english in korea, I am a product of very good schools but I do not have an english degree nor do I have any teaching experience,can anyone tell me how I go about finding a job there? possibly for a year teaching english?

  48. cherry says:

    good day!

    i’m really interested in this position. may i know if its still open? thank’s

    god bless

  49. yzah says:

    hello hope you could help us filipinos looking for ajob in korea/

  50. yzah says:

    could you help me?? working there? i have been teaching for almost 3 years as an ESL teacher in both Cebu and Manila, I have also taught Japanese students..I hope you could assist me thank you

  51. joana says:

    hi, I’m also working in korea as esl teacher in elementary school but I want to move in seoul.I’m also filipino who merried korean I’m bs graduate of secondary education. It is possible to apply in seoul. tnx

    • cho hyun joo says:

      Hi, I am 4 year of woman collegian in incheon korea and looking for
      a filipinpo woman teacher of english located in incheon city with on line
      or off line , may I have your reply soon pls


  52. jayson says:

    hi!i really wanna live,work and teach in korea..i’ve been teaching english for more than 3 years could you help me…i have a major of BSN i know its not connected with english but i guarantee you that i have the necessary skills to do the job….do you have an email or yahoo messenger?thanks

    • Mohamed says:

      I am looking for english teacher for my kids
      are you still interested in working abroad in saudi arabia


      • Ronn says:

        Hello Sir Mohamed.

        Are you still in need of an English Teacher, Sir? I am a graduating English Teacher right now in my country and I can assure you that I can teach English to your children effectively. If I am going to rate my English skills, 10 is the highest, I am on rate 9. My pronunciation and grammar is above average and most of all, I have the attitude of teaching young children and adults as well.

        You can reach me on e-mail, rhpalingcod@gmail.com or visit my facebook account, rhpalingcod@yahoo.com.

        Thank you very much and more power!

  53. Magz says:

    Hello, I’ve been teaching English to Koreans online and offline for more than six years. I could say that I have sufficient experience in teaching Korean nationals of all levels (beginners to advanced). Could you help me get a teaching job in Korea? I would be interested if you could offer me one. Please send me a message in my email address. Thank you

    • Eric says:

      Non-native speakers are not allowed to teach English in Korea.

      • Ben says:

        Why? how good in teaching English language are these native speakers? What strategies and techniques in language learning/teaching do these natives have learned? Who can claim that they are native speakers? In learning English language, does it have to sound as in speaking like native Americans or British and lost one’s nationality? Is it the ultimate end in English language learning? like imitating without understanding?

    • jam andaya says:

      hi! Mags i read that your teaching english with koreans. I’m base now in kuwait and i wanted to do part time to teach koreans here. the truth is i had a bff korean and his friend ask me to teach him but i don’t have basic books on how to start teaching him. can you please help me. i appreciate if you could do that. i have the experience of teaching when i was in brunei all i need is the text book. please tell me where i can purchase this book? thanks and awaiting for your reply. God Bless U.

    • ahmed says:

      hi we need ateach in saudi arabia im ahmed from saudi arabia i need afemale who have experince to teach me and i will give here avery good joboffer im 26 years old and i have abig company here my email ahmed_asaad86@yahoo.com

    • Ali says:

      Hi, Magz
      I,m Saudi Arabian, might you help me for learn English Language with my family, please.
      best regards

    • cho hyun joo says:

      I am woman collegian in incheon korea looking for a filipino woman of english teacher in incheon korea with online or off line okey and may I have your reply soon pls

  54. Ethyl Kim says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested to apply for the job opening posted above. Where can I send my requirements for that? Do I personally need to visit their office? Thanks for the aid.

  55. Ethyl Kim says:

    Hahahaha… Im really sorry for that…. I haven’t checked on the date… Super Pabu? wahahaha…. Musta? Were you there in the Cambridge day too? I like your new topic regarding what can everyone expect in marrying Korean men. Hehehe… I really laughed to my heart’s content when I read it….
    Be safe always!

  56. i'm korean wanted teacher says:

    hii can’t english
    i wanted english teacher
    i use skype
    want for on hour studing
    everyday morning 9am(mon~friday)5days
    i want woman
    i think pay 2000 php
    give me e-mail

    • i'm korean wanted teacher says:

      a month pay2000php
      i want to meet teacher.

      • Good day! I am Lolita S. Cruz who is at present a school principal in the elementary level here in the Philippines. I’ve been teaching english in the elementary level for almost 25 yrs before promoted at my present position. I wish to apply as english teacher in Korea to experience life and earn money for my family.
        I am hoping your kind consideration to this matter. Thank You and More Power!

      • Venus Manriquez says:

        hi there! If yu are still looking for an English teacher, well you can hire me^^.
        Im actually working as an online english Instuctor for more than 2 years and I also had an experience working in different english Institution here in my country.
        If you are interested, please email mw with this add: venusmanriquez@yahoo.com

      • sharon says:

        hi! I am an English teacher now here in Indonesia. I can teach you online everyday if you wish to. Are you in Korea? If you would prefer one on one teaching, i can go Korea, as well. What do you think? Pls contact me in this email if you are interessted. may_143bhe@yahoo.com

      • gh says:

        You’re offer is sooooo low. Oh my! P2,000 a month and 5 days, one hour = 20 hours.

        Is it ok if a newly graduate English teacher teach you even without licence yet? Or a graduate of any course? Because, that amount is just for their level. But, not for professionals.

        Any comment from professionals teacher out there??? Filipino teachers even not a native speaker deserve a higher amount than that. Don’t you think???

    • I wish to apply as english teacher in your country Korea if given the chance..I am at present a school principal in the Philippines in one of the public school in Rizal province near Metro Manila. I taught english subject in elementary level for almost 25 yrs before promoted to my present position. I am hoping that you will consider me as one of your applicant. Thanks and more power

    • dolly says:

      i can teach you but only 1 hour in a day….for 5days..just live me email so we can start asap teaching you

    • Lynnie says:

      Hi! I’m Lynnie and I’m a university professor in the Philippines. I can teach you English at a rate of Php200/hour for a starter. My skype ID is lynnieann. You can reach me there.

    • Delia says:

      pls.contact me in my email

    • Ronn says:

      Hi there.

      I’m a graduating English teacher. I’d like to practice my English teaching via the internet and meet Korean friends and learn from them as well. I have Korean nephew, about 6 years old, and we’ve got communication problems. I want to teach him English but I don’t know Korean.Jejeje. I think I have to learn Korean first to effectively teach him English. I arrive to an idea to get in touch with Korean adults for language exchange. I am looking for Koreans, who are willing to improve their English and willing to help me learn Korean, even a little. Seriously, I’ll focus on my English teaching with you, above all. If you’re to rate my English, 10 is the highest, I’m on rate 9. I can pronounce English words very well and my grammar is above average. I’m very much willing to teach via SKYPE, or yahoo messenger for FREE. It’s my purpose to share what I have learned to those who are interested learners of English.

      Feel free to e-mail me at rhpalingcod@gmail.com or add me on facebook, rhpalingcod@yahoo.com.

      Hope to hear from you guys. Godbless!

    • Nova says:


      are you still looking for an English Teacher?
      I have been an ESL Teacher for Koreans for over 5 years now.
      please watch my youtube file :

      you can add me in skype: njfernandez
      you can also email me at: nova2384@yahoo.com


  57. my name is park says:

    hi i’m korean womon.
    i can’t englsh well.
    i need online english teacher.
    i use skype.
    i want for a hour lesson
    monday~friday(5days) everyday morning 9am
    a month pay is 2000peso
    i hope pay late
    i want womon.
    give e-mail.

    • Wow! Nice to be your teacher but i am still here in the Philippines. How about helping me process my papers in going to your country. I have a friend there to stay with. Pls keep in touch if you want my service….Thank You

      • Ali says:

        Hi, lolita
        I,m from Saudi Arabia, I wanaa hire english teacher and bring her to my country to live with my family for teaching us.
        best regards

        • carolyn aguinaldo says:

          hi i am Carolyn Ruiz i’ve been teaching english language to korean students for 2 years,i want to go abroad and earn.Yuo can hire if you want to.Thanks

    • Venus Manriquez says:

      hi there! If you are still looking for an online English Instructor well you can hire me.
      I’ve been working as an online Instuctor for more than 2 years now and I also had an experienced working with different English Institution here in my country.
      If you are interested, pls email me with this add: venusmanriquez@yahoo.com

      Hoping to hear from you soon^^

    • dolly says:

      you can email me to start teaching you if you really wanted to learn english 1 hour a day 5 days a week….

    • judith says:

      ..need to BOOST your English skill?
      I am here for YOU!
      skype add: judith.dingal

  58. jenny says:

    good day!

    we all hope that the Korean government will change its educational policy especially hiring Filipino teachers for ESL. In fact, many Filipinos are overqualified to teach the English language. They have high English proficiency and great deal of professionalism. I do hope that in the near future Korea will open its country to Filipino teachers since they have the skill and experience to teach the second language ( English)

  59. Yna says:

    Hi Park,

    I already sent an email at your given email address. Indicated there was my skype id and nate on. Kindly check. Thank you!

  60. liezl says:

    hi im liezl. I really wanna teah abroad speacially in korea. I am now currently teaching koreans in a language center in Bulacan, and i’ve been teaching here for 2 years since I was a university student. I am also a licensed teacher. How can apply for the job offer above? To whom should i send my resume?
    For those who are also looking for an online teachr, im also willing to teach you.
    here is my email ad liezl.dejesus@yahoo.com

  61. tarah marie says:

    interested for a parttime job on the net.
    if youre lookin for a parttime teacher in english, german(hochdeutsch), tagalog. Please dont hesitate to contact me.


    million thanks

  62. Judith says:

    Looking for a SUPERB and QUALITY ESL Instructor?
    You’ve GOT mE ONLINE!
    Name whatever you want to learn and you’ll get it..
    I am just ONE click away!
    skype address: judith.dingal
    I will wait for ya…

  63. sam says:

    is this still ongoing??? this was around 2006..right?

  64. kang laarni says:

    hello!! i am kang laarni ,30 years old ofcourse maried of korean ,i take bachelor of education elementry or BEED in philippines ,my mejor is pre elementary ,,,im interested to teach children i hope you can help me to find a job. i am staying her at juesan near of worldcup studium line 6,with my family. All my requirements are ready to submit..THANK U,,,,,,,GOD BLESS.my phone #01029922600

  65. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are recruiting English teachers from Philippine who is able to teach english speaking on-line .

    Please contact us.

  66. gh says:

    You’re offer is sooooo low. Oh my! P2,000 a month and 5 days per week, one hour = 20 hours.

    Is it ok if a newly graduate English teacher teach you even without licence yet? Or a graduate of any course? Because, that amount is just for their level. But, not for professionals.

    Any comment from professional teachers out there??? Filipino teachers even not a native speaker deserve a higher pay than that. Don’t you think???

  67. Niecs says:

    Hi…I’m an English teacher. I can do online teaching. Contact me at my email add @sw8gal@yahoo.com

  68. RN says:

    Hi. Im a Nursing Graduate and presently teaching English to High School students here in Seoul, South korea. If you want to teach here i suggest that you go directly to a recruitment center rather than just browsing the internet because some of them are fraud or scam and sometimes they will advertise that they dont accept non-native speakers. I went on a recruitment that was held in Shangrila Hotel in Ortigas last July 2009. It is a recruitment office from South Korea, they are visiting Manila once a year to recruit english tachers. Fortunately, i got a job offer from them since I have a call center experience for one year. I far as I know they will be visiting Manila on December 2010. I do not know the exact date and the place, just keep listening or watching news because sometimes they announce it .

    • Betchay says:

      Hi RN! I hope you don’t mind me asking but what is your visa? I think that would help others who would like to come here to teach.

  69. RN says:

    I far as I know ( error ) As far as I know……

    • kristine says:

      Hi ms RN,, im ms tin ^^
      very interested with your post,, by the way what is the name of the recruitment agency that you mentioned.. you are true,, ostly in the internet they would say that only native speakers are allowed so I feel reluctant.

      I have my Tesol cert earned here in Makati so I wanted to make use of it,,

      Best regards to you,, I’ll be visiting Incheon this december as tourist. Hopefully I get to contact the agency,if ever they announce in the news, who knows ^^


      • kang laarni says:

        heloo!!!! everyone im laarni kang maried korean have 3 kids and graduating in education mejor of pre elementay,,,i am interested to aply if you inneed ,i love to teach children and now im staying her in uijeongbu yangju with my inlows and family ,,,,,i just finish all my contact in toturing so now i am waiting for any offer of teaching i hope you can halp me anytime call me this #01029922600

  70. Dan says:

    Hey! RN. You are teaching English to preschoolers?

  71. luis says:

    hi !!! i am luis… presently residing at santolan,pasig city. I have more than 10 years experience in teaching in a private school here in the Philippines.Recently, I’ve been in Kazakhztan as an english teacher in a government school.Please if your are interested to invite me in your place ,please call me this cp #: 09997627853 or 02 6462909(landline)

  72. ella says:

    hi there!!!!^^

    hi ms RN…I am very much interested with your post, what is the name of the agency?? I really want to try applying a job in there…

    i also accept home based online classes, I’ve been teaching koreans for 3 years now ^^, i hope somebody can help me ^^


  73. Jannet Abellaneda says:

    Hi..I have been teaching as an ESL instructor here in Cebu for nearly 8 years now. I am more than willing to work in Korea in any opportunities available.

  74. Shara says:

    Hi there RN,

    What is the name of the recruitment agency you applied to?
    I am interested to apply there. I’ve been teaching English
    to Korean students online and face-to-face for more than
    6 years, and I would like to experience teaching in Korea.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

  75. Kent says:

    ESL teachers are demand in Thailand, check http://www.ajarn.com, especially every March, dami nilang teaching jobs… Some ESL teachers in Thailand,after 3 years of working there got thier multiple entry visa to Canada, US, New Seland.

    Teachers are very demand the world over…….. Kuha mog SPED kay demand sa USA nah…….

  76. Ai says:

    how can i apply as an English teacher? Do we have to send evrything to the address? or is there an online application?

  77. Bernard W. Nobleza says:

    Hi, Is there any chance that I can apply abroad? I graduated from 2 courses. I was a computer COBOL programmer, then became an instructor in computer for 3 years, eventually I took another course in education, major in English and it did well and I graduated as Cum Laude. I am now working as the English head in a Technical School in Cubao, Philippines. I have been teaching English for 3 years. Thank you.

  78. Supasit says:

    We want Philippines English Teacher for work in Phichit , Thailand. Applicant who graduated from teacher faculty are prefered

  79. ahmed says:

    I m looking for teacher. My name is ahmed, i am asaudi arabian family, who has kids (girls) from k.3-G.3. Kids study in international school. My home is located Riyadh
    Teacher must be female, age between20-38 years old. Teacher must be good looking and good personality to draw attention from kids. Teacher has to know English, know phonics. Teacher must have a very good in English speaking,reading,writing. the salary is 2500 usd dollars per month and available accommodation and food and she will move to saudi arabia
    Please contact back ahmed_asaad86@yahoo.com

  80. Abby says:

    Hi I’m looking for someone who is willing to work in an English
    Academy in Korea situated in Hanam Si, KyoungGiDo. Contact me if you’re interested.

  81. Ma Elizabeth Kang says:

    hello maam..I’m a f2 visa holder and currently in KOrea..Is this position still available or are there any jobs available?thank you..hope to hear from you..please email me at cutehoney20022001@yahoo.com..

  82. CAR says:

    “Abby November 9, 2011 at 10:38 am
    Hi I’m looking for someone who is willing to work in an English
    Academy in Korea situated in Hanam Si, KyoungGiDo. Contact me if you’re interested.”

    …is this need still active? Philippine Passport holder, male, still in the Philippines

  83. CAR says:

    is this web still on??

  84. MBS says:

    I experienced being a camp teacher for Korean junior and university students while studying in college. After graduation, I became an EFL teacher for Korean university students (man-to-man and group classes) then moved to a Korean online company after a year. I’ve been working as an online English teacher for almost 2 years now. I’ve been dreaming of working in Korea, but I think it would be hard for me to fulfill that dream. It’s difficult for a non-native English speaker like me.

  85. Jeong Oh Baek says:

    I want to work in South Korea as an English teacher but its very expensive. Does anyone here know how to work in Korea without spending such a big amount of money? Kindly send me a message via globe. Here is my digit: 0927-962-9920.
    I’ve been teaching in one of the prestigious International Language School here in the Philippines for almost a year now. -Teacher Blue

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