100 days / Bek-il

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  1. annabanna says:

    ay ganun pala yung thread na yun…happy bek-il, comba! hugs!

  2. algol says:



  3. haydee says:

    wow so para dun pala ang miyeok guk. Congrats on the 100 days 🙂 cute baby.

  4. megastina says:

    happy 100 days! it’s nice to finally see a pic of your baby boy. 🙂

  5. myepinoy says:

    Congrats sa BABY mo. Wish ko, maging successful syang tao pag laki nya.

    Ang galing ng celebration na ito. Malalim ang meaning.

  6. Betchay says:

    thank you guys! all i wish for him is to be happy and be a good person… 🙂

  7. stefoodie says:

    hi betchay, kumusta na? cute naman ng baby mo!!! belated happy 100 days LOL, bale ngayon pala 130 days na!

  8. Melissa says:

    I have come across this page by searching for information on Korean Babies 100 days. I live in australia, my korean sister in laws baby will be 100 days in a week or two and wants to celebrate. Could someone please tell me If I should buy a present for her little boy and what would be the correct thing to buy? ..your help would be appreciated melissaharris_2001@yahoo.com.au

  9. doris p says:

    i’m glad to have found your page….gotten so much info from it, have always been curious about the importance of 100days celebration in Korea and about why seaweed soup were always served during birthdays, thanks so much for that info…..and more power!

  10. Marie says:

    This is very helpful since Im married to a Korean and our baby will be turning 100 days this october. Thanks for sharing this info. 😉

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