g4f: government for foreigners

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  1. Richard Clark says:

    Continental Trading Liberia Inc,
    Continental trading inc is a marketing company in Liberia,West Africa.We have been marketing made in China goods for some years now,especially textiles and leather materials.Last year,we had a market research and we discover that there is no made in South Korea goods in our market here in Liberia.We shall like to import goods from South Korea,especially textiles and leather made materials.But to do that we need to negotiate with some agent over there in South Korea.There is no South Korea embassy here in Liberia.My main purpose of sending this letter to you is that l want to know if l can travel to South Korea under the visa -exemption agreement programme or a business visa could be arrange by your burean of immigration.Kindly give me necessary information which l need to know form your burean of immigration in order to know how to travel to your country and establish a good business relationship with your country.Hope to read your e-mail massage soon.Merry xmass and a prosperous new year.
    Best regard,
    Richard Clark.
    Marketing executive.

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