charlene gonzales in a korean drama

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  1. ione says:

    What? Charlene Gonzalez in a Korean drama? Interesting. Or was it a Filipino drama shown in Korea? Wow! I really want to know the title.

  2. Betchay says:

    hi ione! nice handle… reminded me of ione skye… anwyay, i’m also curious about the title… it’s really a korean drama, not filipino drama… it was actually a period drama, during the early 40’s in korea…

  3. ione says:

    thanks, betchay. i actually got my handle from the actress herself “ioneskye.” =) so did charlene act in the, talking in korean? wow! that got me curious. i’ve been doing searches online of any info pertaining to this drama but to no avail. BTW, i also saw aya medel’s interview on heart to heart… she said she’s going to start an acting career in korea. so another filipina added to the list.

  4. shona says:

    Talaga si charlene? astig naman! dba si aya medel mag-aartista na jan sa korea. Napanood ko sa arirang eh.

  5. jay_china says:

    i have watched some parts of this drama, but im not sure if it is Korean or Chinese drama…coz Im in china and we have watched it (2004), the timelot of the series runs from 9pm to 10 pm…yes, it was Charlene Gopnzales playing the role of a girl in a war who has a soldier boyfriend.

    she was really good at this tv series… hope we could watched her again…idol ko si Charlene Gonzales.

  6. Betchay says:

    ^^ great… i was starting to think i was daydreaming or hallucinating

  7. maricel says:

    wow!my hubby used to watch Arirang too.but me I haven’t take a look of it.but somehow!I am so proud also our filipino acctress and miss Philippines 1994 pa its big wow!I like though feel more so proud if we can see filipino in differents channel station since we are here out from PI.and there the one playing.great.

  8. alma says:

    charlene HI!im TOO much idolized sa iyo

  9. alma says:

    wag kang maniwala sa mga sabi nila., yan ay mga walang magawa sa makanimang buhay……… I want to meet you i personal someday

  10. alma says:

    I see na in person here in SM daVAO 2005 IT WAS last august 28…. I still REMEMBER na nung time na kinunan kita na picture,,,your so mabait talaga

  11. alma says:

    im HOPING na mag ONLINE ka rin,, IF YOUR NOT TOO MUCH BUSY IN YOUR CARRIER..i hope too na you reply all my messages to you………..God Bless you na lang TO YOUR FAMILY as well,,,,,,,,HOPE that you will GAVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADD……….thanks IN ADVANCE

  12. tseten says:

    hi… well m crazy abt hyun bin…. wat can i do to get his email id??? m a tibetan girl n i don;t know korean language… plz tell him to give me his id…

  13. rosette says:

    sana makita ko ang korean drama kung saan nandoon ang idol ko. ang saya saya siguro, tiyak na manonood ako promise .

  14. katie says:

    yes, your right. charlene gonzalez did appear in a korean telenovela. it was called “war and love” . the telenovela was shot in the philippines and in korea. It was made for the 50th anniversity special for one of the popular networks in korea (like abs-cbn).. she had a korean leading man and her brother richard bonnin played a part in the series.

  15. rose ong says:

    idol ko talaga si CHARLENE GONZALES – MUCHLACH ,sana magkaroon siya ulit ng TV SHOW miss ko nah talaga siya.Nakaka-proud talaga nah malaman nah she stars in a KOREAN DRAMA,Sana makita ko yung DRAMA.GOD BLESS U MORE,LOVE YOU ALWAYS

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