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  1. sujin says:

    hello, im also here in Korea for almost 7 months now…Just wanted to ask if you know the “philippine market ” in Seoul, I hope you could give me some information about that…Thanks in advance…Have a nice day!

  2. hi im also her in korea for almost 1month ago i juat want to ask if u know wat job is open now?and i want to see the philipine market in seoul?i hop u can gave me some information about dat work have a nice day thanks god bless

  3. Betchay says:

    ^^ sujin, hope this reply is not late… you can go to the philippine market on sundays… exit 1 at hyewha station (line 4 – blue)… you won’t get lost since a lot of pinoys go there

  4. Betchay says:

    reshiel >> i just post job ads as they become available…

  5. zinglez says:

    are e-9 workers allowed to have office jobs (will they release a filipino factory worker in exchange of a better job?) and how much is the salary and what other amenities are included in the job post described above… ty in advance

  6. Betchay says:

    @zingles > not really sure if the job is still available but take the chance anyway…

  7. jan says:

    hi everybody, I saw this site while browsing possible jobs in korea… How can you guys work or stay there?

    email me..jsttbea25@hotmail.com

    My friend has a family factory business, but Im not sure if it’s a good working place for filipinos, where do you guys work? thanks.

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