reds go together

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  1. nee says:

    wow! u know how to read and write korean already?
    how long did it take u to learn that?

  2. prisine cuerdo says:

    hi!!! good day to you!
    im pristine cuerdo from mnila philippines.
    im a member of the philippine normal university chorale and we are competing in the busan international chorale competition this november. we’ve been there also last nov. for the same competition. i just want to ask if we could perform or could give some pieces of advice where can perform maybe in your place could you refer us to other filipino communities. i hope you could help us and im hoping for your answer.
    thank you very much!!!
    mabuhay ka kababayan.
    my email add. is

  3. maureen says:

    yongwonhi hamkkehan gudaeyeo~!!

    daehan minkuk! ^__^

    am nervous to thier upcoming match vs. switzerland, all the luck to the taeguk warriors.

  4. Jiwon says:

    REDS SUCK TOGETHER would have been a better title…^^

  5. Betchay says:

    ^ bitter?

  6. JiHye says:

    homg.. I remember singing along to this while wearing my red jersey. but when Korea got dropped, my mom ruined it by crying on it. O.o

    I remember all that. It was TOTALLY PHENOMINAL!!!

    but I cried at the Switz.Korea match, tho… T__T

    a depressing day. but we’ll get them back on the next one. I hope.

  7. verve says:

    Korea sucks

  8. liberty says:


    i was in korea during those football-mania days. my first time to set foot outside pinas unto a roaring red-clad, emotional, manic multitude.whew! and man, i could never erase park jisung’s face in my mind with all those bigger than life posters pasted everywhere.

    my stay was short but well-spent time. i am totally awed at how the koreans manage modernity while still preserving their culture. a breath of fresh air, i say when one is living in a country where everything is ‘canned’ or ‘westernized’, with all the ‘kewl bling-blings in mtv’.tsk tsk!

    then again, i was constantly reprimanded by my good host of my un-korean ways.haha! as in, “in this country, we don’t….” 🙁

    anyway, i didn’t get to see many pinoys there except those selling tilapia, balut and longanisa in hyewa. also a couple of lost guys looking for a church in sungbuk and this uber-noisy-giggling-and-ilocano-shrieking-ladies. 🙂 and oh, somebody from the subway that gave me the “i-can-smell-you’re-a-Filipino” look– and asking me later if i’m a factory worker. aghh!

    i’ll be back in october. 🙂 it’s gonna be a nice autumn.

  9. Queen KP says:

    I Love It I Have CD Reds Go Together ^0^ Cutie Honey~

  10. korean pride says:

    대한민국!!!! korea is so killin world cup 2010

  11. jon says:

    wow! nice article. thanks for sharing.

  1. May 28, 2010

    […] to me while we were watching a 3AM match sometime during the Athens Olympics in 2004. During the 2006 World Cup, I watched the game alone. My husband was in China and I was in Korea to take care of our then […]

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