the lover (l’amant)

the loveri’ve seen this movie several years ago… probably mid-90’s… and fell in love with it eventhough it received unfavorable reviews from the critics…

i saw this movie again this morning on OCN (Korea’s version of HBO)… i was surprised to see this on cable and in the morning since it was rated 19 (like R-18 in the Philippines) because of the graphic erotic scenes…

i’m not sure if it was shown in the movie theatres in the philippines since i viewed in the privacy of our home with our ever reliable video player… the movie stars Jane March (she was with Bruce Willis in “The Color of Money”) and Tony Leung (the other one, not of the “Infernal Affairs” fame)… i never expected to like it since i thought it was too slow at first and the setting was in 1920’s Vietnam… Jane March played a 15-yr old French girl from a poor family while Tony Leung was a rich Chinese bachelor… when i saw the movie years ago, i didn’t know who the lead actors were… i thought i’d turn off the tv after 5 minutes but the mood and the sensuality got me hooked, prompting me to finish it… it might sound like a rich guy-poor girl film who lived happily ever after despite the obstacles and hindrances but it isn’t… the reason why i don’t like romance movies very much is that they’re so typical… but this one isn’t…

after seeing the movie again, i thought that i’d like to have a copy of the dvd and the book… shockingly, the book is priced at about 25,000 won here in korea… too high compared to amazon’s $7!… i guess i just have to order them online…

if you ever have the chance to see this movie… see it and fall in love with its poignant melancholic story…

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3 thoughts on “the lover (l’amant)

  • May 13, 2006 at 3:46 am

    I did!!!

    saw this last night or was it the other night? ….. hmmm… dawn pala maybe past 2 or 3 ehehe. ganda story, first tym ko sya napanuod (like Azumi this AM!) paputol putol nga lang panuod ko(lyk wut u said medyo slow kasi sya), but managed to watch the ending, namaaan~! ako kaya pag tumanda may tumawag na ganun or do i need to be a writer too??? harharhar

    niwei, color of the money pala yun? not color of the night? kasi di ba color of the night yung theme song? eons ago ko pa napanuod yun and from then on once in a blue moon I hum the said song (pag ako’y inaatake ng multiple personality disorder harharhar!)

  • May 14, 2006 at 12:20 am

    honga ano… color of the night nga pala… color of money ay yung kay sean penn…

  • May 16, 2006 at 12:55 pm

    oy! i saw this too…..very interesting….

    wonder what it feels like to have a sugar dada ^^???


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