Choi Min Sik in the flesh

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  1. katie says:

    hey betchay! bakit si anna lang may pic? nasan ang picture mo with choi min shik? hehehe… akala ko you went to the JDG protest!

  2. Betchay says:

    camera-shy ako eh… hehe…
    i almost went to the JDG protest… kaso may appointment kaya hindi pumuwede… hindi bale, 3 minutes lang naman daw siya sa Kyobo eh… tapos lumipat na sa National Assembly…

  3. nee says:

    whoa! u got to see him in person! a korean friend of mine here in davao let me watch the movie old boy.. it was good.. a bit twisted though.. but still good..
    it was just so unpredictable.. i like it..
    but i dont think i’ll watch it again.. i had this really weird feeling after watching it.

    nice blog u got here.. it’s nice to see korea in a filipina’s perspective.. i’m learning a lot here.

  1. January 5, 2009

    […] also saw Choi Min Sik outside the same bookstore three years […]

  2. November 13, 2014

    […] we pass by in our car. The next day, I had to go to Kyobo Bookstore to meet a friend and there we saw Choi Min Sik ~ who played Admiral Lee Sun Shin in Korea’s biggest box office movie […]

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