Jang Dong Gun & Lee Na Young?

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  1. jan says:

    talaga?? hmmmm…. mukhang walang effect sa akin, nde ata ako JDG fan 😀

  2. katie says:

    hmm, true kaya yan?… i agree may something si Lee na-young that’s not right. Selos lang siguro tayo! Hahaha…

  3. marsya says:

    oh nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jang dong gun is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. annabanana says:

    oh no, my heart is breaking into millions of pieces! arghhhh! won bin is in the military now…paano na ako? oh, this sad sad life! 😀

  5. sandy says:

    aw… so sad. Here I am harbouring that whee bit of hope when he comes to Singapore next Wed : (
    But on 2nd thots, he’s such a nice guy, good for him to find someone he likes.

  6. zhassye says:

    i dont think so na sila… gentleman lang talaga at very sweet si jang dong gun kaya ganun…

  7. elan says:

    sino ba si jang dong gun? d ko sya kilala,d ko pa sya nakikita? kasi nasa pinas ako…

  8. elan says:

    hindi naman gwapo! yan ba ang kinababaliwan nyo?parang addict.mas pogi pa ako dyan sa panaginip ko…

  9. luvyaf4 says:

    am a friend of reg…yehey at least i will still have some hopw for kwon sang woo and choi ji woo!

  10. Tipa says:

    What’s wrong with the holding hands. They are
    friends! If they are lovers, that’s not our

  11. jhoann says:

    wlan gepek.. s kin basta …..jdg sa akin lang cya….

  12. Jaa-jah says:

    Oh nooooo!!!!i can’t accept it..It’s not a great news to jdg fan if he realy hav a special r’ship with naa young.. i always dream and prays for him so that he’s getting married soon with someone that can make him happy..and hope jdg will get chae rim as his gf soon.coz chae rim is now single!!!get her..get her..JDG!!!

  13. Nhai says:

    Do anyone know if Jang Dong Gun is a singles person? or know his home address and email address. If anyone know anything about him. Please let me know.Because I am one of his fan,and want to be his friend and get to know him. I only watch one of his movie on dvd. The movie I watch is translate in vietnamese language.Also the tile. I like that movie alot. Some part are so romance,and some are so sab. It make me cry in some of the part.I wihs I have dvds movie of him. Yuo,see the movie that I have it is not my. It belong to my sister hanband brother wife. She borrow from here friend and she let my sister borrow it. So ,my sister bring it to my house so me and her could watch it. Me,my sister and my mom like to watch movie together.But we don`t know where to buy the movie,and byside we can not afford to buy movie, becaese I am not working.IT is a long story about me not working. It happen to my when I was a baby,to tell now. PS Please please let me know if anyone or anybody know any information about him. I am begging you. Thank you very much for listening. Here is my email address vietgirldtn69@yahoo.com . Please contact me if you know anything about him. Thank yuo Nhai July 19,2006 at 3:41pm

  14. Jovy T. says:

    It HURTS!

  15. Hisaki Araya says:

    If Lee Na-young and Jang Dong Gun are trusted to be together, I like them as a wonderful couple.

    Hisaki Araya

  16. Catherine Woo says:

    Oh no, no, no. I want to be happy for him but I am soooo jealous. I guess if he’s really happy with her….let’s let them be.
    How do we confirm this? Betchay, please find out for us JDG fans, please? Thanks so much. I don’t think I can sleep tonight. I have seen him in person and he’s super duper cutie-pie, tall, handsome, gorgeous. She’s one lucky chick.

  17. Dewi says:

    oh nooo!!!! i am dissapointed. why JDG with Na Young? i will be happy if he with chae rim. please, JDG you must get chae rim, she is so beautiful and match with you. don’t let her go away from you again. Or have you get married with Na Young on August 2006?? oh… you make me feel dissapointed.

  18. rommel says:

    Is a good thing I don’t have a heart promblem ! cause if I have.. I’ll be dead by now. hehehe. Im a Nayoung’s fan.

  19. Eanne says:

    I hope this woman isnt his girlfriend. There are other women more worthy (face, body, intelligence and etc) of JDG. If he has to choose an actress, a beautiful face like Chae Rim or Kim Tae Hee will do. However, from what I have read about him, especially these days, someone who is really SMART and can understand him, especially about his insecurities, should be his better choice. Anyone in the limelight (model, singer, or actress) will be too busy for him. And if he chooses to be in show business even after marriage, they both will compete, and this usually leads to marital problems. So, JDG, more POWER TO YOU in your choice of a life-time partner!!!!

  20. She’s cute but NOT pretty enough for this hunk!

  21. am soo hooked on this actor(JDG) since All About Eve and have been searching for more infos on him and Chae Rim, whom I think one of the most beautiful women in the world. I’m from Denmark and US and I think Chae Rim is drop dead gorgeous, would love to see another movie of her and the HUNK Jang Dong Gun.

    Just read somewhere that Chae Rim is divorced, perhaps I share the same dream as the poster above regarding the possibility of these two gorgeous actors being hooked up in real life(??)

  22. theunknown says:

    People you know what it seems that you have nothing to worry about!!! AS FAR AS NOW wala pang nababalita na may girlfriend
    Jang Dong-gun!! and you know what… ang mga Korean men lang talaga sweet and gentlemen lang daw talaga kaya ganyan… holding hands sila. and kung they are really together well might as well just be happy for the both of them! ok naman sila tingnan eh ha ha ha pero ang good news nga lang as far as now wala pa daw napapabalitang girlfriend si Jang Dong-gun!

  23. faraz says:

    hi lee na-young.i”m faraz from iran.you’r very nice.i love you.

  24. narges says:

    hi dear Jang Dong Gun,my name is narges from iran. you are rmarkable.wait to go.

  25. keiko says:

    Am not a Korean follower but when I saw All About Eve, whooow!!! something good!!! JDG is really hot. praying that he ends up with chae rim. since watching All About Eve, it really drives me crazy esp their romantic scenes. Love it!!!

  26. Kristal says:

    I also like Jang dong gun when All about eve was shown in the Phils but I thought he was with Choi ji woo.

  27. kadya says:

    dose jang dong gun married

  28. Eithiri says:

    I Liike the you acctor .My country in myanmar

  29. nancy says:

    Well, if I were the guy, it doesn’t trill me to have a gal dominating over me. See the hand of the lady is on top of the guy. The position of the hands are just not comfortable. It is only naturally if the hand of the guy goes over the gal. Try it yourself!

  30. KADYA REDA says:


  31. Susan says:

    Hello Kadya,

    Jang Dong Gun is still single and has no girlfriend right now.

  32. mia says:

    omigosh! are they really together? please tell me it is not true. they don’t look good together. i want him with someone like chae rim. their chemistry is good in all about eve. arrgh!

  33. rai says:

    I hope it’s not true. I wish sila nalang ni chae rim mas bagay sila.

  34. nicole says:

    oo nga nakakainis d cla bagay mas baGY cla ni chae rim.

  35. eva liyana says:

    hai ..jang dong gun..may i make a friend with you..please reply my message y..

  36. eva liyana says:

    hai ..jang dong gun..may i make a friend with you..please reply my message y..

  37. Tuty says:

    oh…no, i hope JDG with Chae Rim…:)

  38. zaida says:

    i cant believe it…its hurt me…but as human being he deserved get sm1 that create 4 him….but the real fact he’ll be my luv…and always…like lifehouse song…i live my life for u……

  39. zaida says:

    what ver it is…i still luv him

  40. Anony says:

    Wow, can’t believe you guys made a big deal of this for so long. If you noticed, JDG entered the show ALONE. He was on the red carpet alone. He arrived alone. This photo is of the two of them crossing a stage–did they present or receive an award together? That’s what it looks like. I can’t believe this as even discussed. If she had been his girlfriend, so you really think they would have exposed their relationship like this? You need t read between the lines. She looks uncomfortable. I saw this photo a while back and the first thing that struck me was that she looks uncomfortable. Never did it enter my mind that this was a romantic gesture. More than likely, she was incredbly nervous and he was helping her. I really believe it was nothing more than that. But it’s embarrasing to see what a big deal the fans made over nothing.

  41. Issac says:

    You guys are so funny. JDG should be dating someone and starting a family at his age. I can understand where the jealous coming from… However, wish him luck. Yo… let’s cool down and have a fun holidays

  42. Nordelm says:

    JDG always get rumored with different actresses. As a matter he was rumored to be secretly married to CJW which they both denied & found not to be true. Ofcourse, I won’t mind if they did because they looked great together in their drama Love/Sarang. Just like CJW had been rumored with all her leading men. Why don’t we just leave these actors alone. Rumors are not very nice & dangerous.

  43. kadya says:

    hello everybody do you know any MSN or e-mail de jang dong gun please answer me

  44. kadya says:

    hi i’m kadya from morocco i love so much jang dong gun i want to travel to korea to meet jang dong gun i’m so beautiful i’m a misse in heigh univesity in morocco i want to do a job with jang dong gun i love you so much.take care ok bye bye

  45. GIDGET says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANG DONG GUN ! March 7 . I wish you’ll soon find the right girl for you. I saw his CNN interview and he said he’s still looking .

  46. Jason says:

    So this Gun character is a real heartbreaker huh? Wow, would have never guessed that. I wonder if my wife has a secret crush as well!

  47. Gigi says:

    Well, DongGun-ssi is so good looking with very magnetic eyes. I just hope he gets to meet someone that would lOve and cherish him for always. He seems to be such a sweet person and he deserves someone like so. I just love this guy. AWESOME!!!

    Betchay, I just love your blog. Very informative. Go Girl! We Pinays are doing ok anywhere we are.

  48. kadya reda says:

    hi, jang dong gun how are you doing ? i hope you are fine .you are a very good actor .you are the best actor .i like your drama series and movies , also your songs .i love you so much .good luck

  49. suenacbw says:

    i hope the gossip about them is not true..i wish he will be a life partner to chae rim or some one else..but we cant force the love..am i right..

  50. aisa san says:

    jang dong gun, you must find your partner ASAP bcoz you are getting old day by day. hehe.other than that, you must stop the rumor that said you are a gay. go and discuss with chae rim about your relationship seriously.she is single right? she is the most suit partner for you.what are you waiting for??!!roll and action!!!

  51. anna mei of manila says:

    Let us wish JDG happiness. I guess currently there is no one lick to him. The right one will come on the right time for everyone. Let us pray for God’s guidance.
    BTW, JDG is celebrating his birthday in Japan this 6th of March at Pacifico Hall. Wish I could be there. To those who can, enjoy yourselves and share the experience!! God bless us and JDG.

  52. Maria says:

    Hopefully another movie, drama or what ever with Chae Rim after ALL ABOUT EVE. I’m really fall in love with him…

  53. flower says:

    i love jang dong gun !

  54. only love says:

    if your wife is not Lee Young Ae,i’ll hate you forever !!!
    can’t believe that nobody knows Medical Brothers???

  55. Hi Jang Dong Gun,

    I wish to see settle down yourself with Chae Rim. She perfectly meant for you. Both of you are the most loveable couple in Korean Drama, All about Eve and hope to see both of you act together in future.

  56. Maria says:

    is that true? when was that picture taken? huhuhu….. but what can we do? if they really meant for each other.. but, i want JDG
    to end up up with chae rim. she’s divorced! right? they look good together. they have chemistry. i fell in love with both of them in all about eve.. HOPE TO HAVE SEQUEL OF ALL ABOUT EVE.. don’t worry JDG, i still LOVE you a lot.. i’ll be your forever loyal fan till you get old…. muah! muah! muah!

    • lisa says:

      yess, I agree with maria speak
      you and chae rim is good couple
      hopefully they live together in the future
      I love jung dong gun and chae rim
      I hope ALL ABOUT EVE have a sequel

  57. Sonny Sagala (Indonesia) says:

    Jang Dong Gun n Chae Rim…. I’ll always ♥ u both !!!
    Peace !

  58. Yu says:

    Is that true???
    Actually I don’t want to see him with any girl. But wish u’ll be always happy! I do love u!

  59. maila says:

    hi ive seen the interview for JDG this 2009 in a new show.that was the comeback interview after 6 years or 8 years.he’s really honest in his answer and he admits in his age and at the top of his career he felt the emptiness.when he hang out w/ his friends he wish he has a wife who could call her at around 2am.if somebody will call her during that time she would marry that girl.so u know guys we should be happy with him.even how successful we are we still feel the emptiness and looking for a company who would love us and accept and know the real we are not because of our status. I really admire JDG esp. in all about eve.i love everything about him the way he act.i’m hoping he could find the right girl after the two failure of his marriage or two seriously he dated before.he deserves to be happy.I love you JDG but I love u more if someone will love u real in the future.who will be devoted, love, faithful and loyal to you.mwah

  60. Kanghee says:

    Hey guys. I’m a Korean. As I know, that was a kind of concept. So you guys don’t need to worry about that. There is nothing between them. At that time, they had to say someone who won in The Blue Dragon Award. So that’s why they held hands each other. Don’t worry. haha. It’s funny for me. It wasn’t issued in Korea. So I am surprised now.. haha

  61. wirinya says:

    hello jang dond gun
    i’m thai. i saw you in all about eve. i saw it many times. i like you so much. you’re smart , gentle and handsome. i will admire and follow your works. i would like you act with chare rim again. if it is possible. you’re suitable. when do you come to Thailand? i would like to see you. i’m sorry if my english isn’t good.

  62. violeta hashidate says:

    i used to be one of your fans in adonis japan. fanclub.i saw u in nipon budokan on your birthday .i travelled to tokyo and had an accident on the way home. so i write u a letter hoping that u will answer back .and i waited 3 years and then now im back to reality ,that no letter is coming..well thats life and i thank u givivg me an inspiration….wishing you good health and happiness.sometimes think of responsing yo ur fans coz u have no idea how much it means to them…

    • Betchay says:

      hi violeta! i think JDG is sooo busy and can you imagine how many fans write to him? i get about 30 emails a day and it usually takes me days to reply… imagine how it is like for a famous actor like JDG?

  63. joracel says:

    hi jang dong gun,
    i’m one of your fans here in Philippines. when i heard that ur getting married this coming May i felt sad coz we’re still hoping that you and Chae Rim become the real couple. i hope someday you will reunites to a new show like in All About Eve. i love you both…

  64. ppd n9 says:

    please ! one drama wif chae rim again!all of us love to see u wif chae rim! jang dong gung and chae rim best couple on screen!

  65. chaepenn says:

    please do another series w/ chae rim coz i really like both of you. you are one of the best couple i’ve seen.

  66. ma. cecilia plegaria says:

    true gentlemen one in a million

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