Hana Yori Dango

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  1. Dzune says:

    Mas sikat tayong Pinoy blogger in Korea kaysa mga yan… hehehhe , medyo nakaktamad nga mag-update at nakaksawa na minsan kumalikot ng mga stupid scripts heheheh… kamusta sa iyong pamilya…

    Bakit pala tayo sikat : South Korean Bloggers revisited.

  2. myepinoy says:

    Kailan kaya makakagawa ang mga Pinoy ng mga ganitong telenovela.

    btw, i’ve moved to http://expat.fil.ph

  3. myepinoy says:

    kailan kaya makakagawa ang mga Pinoy ng mga ganitong mga telenovela?

    btw, i’ve moved to http://expat.fil.ph

  4. Betchay says:

    ^^ meron naman tayong magaganda… hindi lang madalas 😀

  5. pen says:

    hello 🙂 i’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. anyway, i watch this series too – my first jdorama actually – and i like it! i was a big fan of MG too noon. the taiwanese version has the cuter guys pero mas gusto ko nga acting dito sa HYD, hehe!

  6. mhaellix says:

    The F4 of HYD may not be “hunky” like MG, but in Japan, the prettier (in a girly way I guess) the guy is, the more girls like them, aka bishounen which literally translates to pretty boy.

    MatsuJun the one who plays the lead, is quite popular, so for the Japanese population (and the japanese avids like me) they’re just perfect for the role. I’ve really tried my best to like MG, but after 4 episodes, I gave up.

  7. Kristal says:

    Yeah I could still remember the craze with the taiwanese F4. And also, I didn’t bought the cd or anything. My craze actually ended earlier than the drama itself, I can’t even remember the ending for MG1. I also like Hana yori dango, it’s really a big budget drama and the actors can really act. Through hana yori dango, I came to discover jdorama series.

  8. mirika02 says:

    hello! Truthfully speaking, i’ve enjoyed watching MG and HYD, but I think HYD’s better.

    MAtsujun may not be that hunky, but he’s hot, i totally hate his looks in HYD, but he’s so gorgeous. ^^

    HYD isn’t boring, and it’s sequel is the best as compared to MG2 which is really boring.

  9. razz says:

    I love HYD because the story is so great and I prefer Japanese version a lot better than the korean and taiwanese versions (sorry!!!)… I like Jun’s acting so much… Khit hndi gnung kasikat dito sa Pilipinas ang HYD kesa s MG at BOF… Love ko pa rin ang HYD..

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