Remarry a Korean?

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  1. Mary Anne says:

    Hi there,
    From what I have heard, Korean language is kind of difficult. I have a Korean friend at work who practically grew up here in L.A. and does not know how to speak Korean. He took Korean classes last year but had such a hard time as there is a formal and informal way of speaking, he stopped going. Are most of the Filipinos and Filipinas in So. Korea fluent in the Korean language?

    Thanks for all the info you provide on your website.

  2. jan says:

    I think I received a questionnaire for this particular survey. Don’t have any idea how they knew my e-mail address. It’s both in english and korean but forgot to answer it.

    How ’bout you?

  3. ines says:

    Hi there,

    I am indonesian married to korean man. It’s been 8 years now and we are great. Anybody with kids? I have one daughter…well if you want to know more about her it’s at:

  4. kayzee says:

    its true that korean language is very difficult to study especially in my case since I only use english with my husband. It is also true that they have different term for words with and without respect which make it more complicated! It does make me feel so stupid since no matter what I do I feel so helpless learning thier language and I envy the other foreigners who could speak very well. Only thing I’m good at is “Olma eyo?” meaning how much is this? and numbers it’s a must I need to go shopping or I’ll go crazy LOL*_*. Point is most of the people who learn the language faster are the people who doesn’t have other choice but to use it e.g getting married to a non english speaking husband. I work at an English speaking environment (foreign bank and as an english tutor) and my husband doesn’t talk to me in korean I guess that explains why I never learned aside from the fact that the language makes me CRAZY!!!

  5. jehan says:

    hi ate betchay… just finished my CFO guidance and counselling last week and the facilitator actually read this article for all attendees…

  6. jehan says:

    yes ate… maybe september-october.. i find it hard to leave my mom, hehe… and processing of papers for intermarried couple is really difficult.

    i actually told the facilitator i open your site everyday and encouraged my fellow attendees to read a lot from blogs of Pinays married to Koreans..

  7. rebma says:

    I love this topic. Somehow I can relate to what you are discussing. I am a filipina in love with korean man who’s based in Manila. We are planning to get married in the near future. Learning korean language and culture can be very difficult, I am just hoping for the best. Thanks for all the info this can be very helpful.

  8. Rmjonah says:

    I actually love the Korean language.
    Comparing that to other East Asian languages, I would say hangeul is pretty much an easier language to learn.
    Yes, you have to know all the aspects of the language, specially the respectful way to speak to a person. But the resolution to this is to ask the person their age and their position in the society (which is pretty normal upon introduction in Korea) and you should be fine.
    Tradition is really the lifestyle in Korea, basing the knowledge I attained from reading on and offline, so if you are not prepared to compromise, you will have a hard time dealing with this part of Korean culture.

    Rmjonahs last blog post..Smile Beyond The Cheeks.

  9. Maya says:

    It’s so difficult to learn Korean if you’re not motivated to do it… It’s a lot harder if nobody speaks Korean in your home… that, you won’t really learn their language and it really sucks!
    But I am so thankful to God beacuse He gave me a wonderful Korean family. ^.^

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