adobong sitaw with tofu

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  1. jan says:

    😀 sauteed all of the veggies(all the “talbos” stuff) with some of the string beans. Cooked cnigang with “kangkong”, string beans and okra. Now I have about a few okra and ampalaya to cook. I will try “ginisang amplaya” later. Ate Ning said the ampalaya ain’t sour, so will definitely try cooking it soon. (Thanks Ate Ning!!!)

  2. altair says:

    watercress pala yang kangkong na yan ha

  3. jen says:

    YUMMMMMMMMM……It has been ages since i’ve bought those veggies. There is a small authentic chinese store in my town that occasionally sells ampalaya and okra. Would you be an angel and let me know if there is a seller who can courier this stuff? Thanks a million

  4. elsa says:

    uuhhhmmm…. ang sarap naman niyan…
    ano pong korean langauge ng string beans at watercress po?

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