Homemade Taho in Korea

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11 Responses

  1. annabanana says:

    i like the one that comes in tubes. haaay..homesick na naman!

  2. katie says:

    Hey betchay! na-miss ko ang taho! thanks for the recipe!

  3. Susans Home says:

    sorry but i dont like the look of that :S

    Susans Homes last blog post..ongoing illness Help!

  4. Betchay says:

    ^^ yeah, it doesn’t look all that appetizing…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree that he homemade taho doesn’t look as good as the real taho we get in Manila. But if you are far from home, it’s the next best thing. Right?

  6. abbey says:

    just want to say thank you for sharing this…
    i am residing in the netherlands and i am craving for taho…
    but because of this post, the following day i went to the chinese store and found out that they are also selling silken tofu…
    so now i could enjoy eating taho and knowing im the one who prepared it…

    salamat ng marami…

  7. joyce says:

    mas malinis namn kesa doon sa natutuluan na ng pawis kapag binili mo sa labas

  8. Sassy Lawyer says:

    eh un nga masarap sa taho ng Pinas, ung vendor, pawisan pa, maitim ang mga kuko at paa…pero it’s a way of life sa pinas…part ng kultura nating mga pinoys yan…just like fishball, kikiams etc., are…anyway, pag uwi ko ng pinas, definitely, buy ako ng taho kay manong…

  9. kristine says:

    Sorry but this is not really how to make homemade taho. It should be IMPROVISED TAHO. Found a step by step post on making homemade taho from scratch.


    • Betchay says:

      Oh! I’m so glad that we have all kinds of tofu here in Korea. I can make IMPROVISED TAHO easily. Thanks for the link!

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