Daniel & Ryu Won kiss!

I finally saw the CF featuring Daniel Henney and Ryu Won! Does it have to be her? Hehe… I just thought that Ryu Won and Hyun Bin look better together. The CF is for an orange drink… maybe I should get one at E-mart.

daniel henney and ryu won


  1. is that jung ryo won?? and what do you mean ryu won and hyun bin look good togetheR? have they teamed up for a new series or something?

  2. i think hyun bin amnd kim seon-ah will be a good lover, hyun bin is handsome he can carry himself, to be kim seon-ah lover. they so sweet.

  3. STILLLLLLLLLLLLLL……………WON BIN IS THE MOST HANDSOME AMONG THE KOREAN MAN. I HOPE WON BIN CAN Text me. im in the Philipines and if u want to call me Mr. Hansome man this is my no. 0009264078821. Won Bin always take good care of your self and remember God is always thier for you to guide and give you blessings. Won Bin goodluck for your career in korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mmwuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. this scene reminds me of someone…so sweet and unintendedly romantic.Im missing that person more amd more.I miss you so much honey.

    they’re really look good in this moment.

  5. i find daniel cUte and ryu wOn pretty..and bcOz of this,they lOok sO ideal together..

    hi,,i’m jacqueline diaz from the philippines and i am much hOoked on koreAnovelas!!!sUper!!bUt the cAse is,i am related in blOod to chinese..bUt dOn’t wori,histOry tels that kOrea was once a part of china.. 🙂

  6. i dont like rye won at all…
    i like if hyun bin b with kim sun ah..
    myb shes little fat..but they look gud 2 gether.. iluv them

  7. hola hyun bin soy una fasn tuya desde
    q vi mi adorable sam soom te adimere muchos y porsupuesto q tambien a kim sum ah

    i dont like rye won at all
    i like if hyun bin b with kim sun ah..
    myb shes little fat..but they look gud 2 gether.. iluv them

  8. bueno daniel es guapo
    es un churro para olerlo y des pues comerlo con su manjar de nestle peor eso no es nada por q el mas churrrrrrrrrrrrro
    claro primero q yon bin pero q envidia ruy or q el como sera an todo bueno le felicito ah daniel toda la felicidad del planeta un beso de todos los fan de daniel

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