Silkworm, anyone?

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8 Responses

  1. altair says:

    you gotta try that one, it’s good

  2. Jan says:

    ^^ YUP!!! two thumbs up for altair, gotta try the stuff to know. I didn’t know what it was when I first tried it. I thought it was some kind of a plant part. I tried it, but the feel of the stuff while I was munching on it made me think of a cockroach (ewwwww!!!) so I asked just to find out twas a pupa of a silkworm but twas too late I already swallowed the stuff (lol!)It took years before I finally “gave in” into eating “bon-de-gi”, now am a-ok about it.

  3. annabanana says:

    jan, you are o ne brave person! 😀

  4. Jan says:

    hi Anna! (OT: Left you a message in your blogs shoutbox~)
    Me? brave? don’t think so, naive cguro would be a better term…hahaha icipin mo ba namang lunukin kahit na may “ipis” feel sya! =D
    but got the hang of it, coz my kids luv it! =)

  5. Betchay says:

    read from an article that it’s good for diabetes… just found out that silkworms are being sold in powdered form also…

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