My Sassy Girl – tagalized?

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  1. irene says:

    good luck in finding that tree!

    here in manila we had quite a scandal regarding that theme song featured in MSGirl. apparently, someone had recorded a tagalog version of it for himself and was stunned to hear it o the radio few days later (dunno the exact details but i saw this feature on tv last nite). the story goes that someone else here in the phils has already gotten hold of the rights to the movie and also the theme song. just a bit of extra news- i actually heard this tagalized song few days ago at a badminton court. duh. the original is still the BEST.

  2. altair says:


    I’ll bet that Mei is written as Ž

  3. jepoy says:

    You’ve watched it also on Star Mandarin? Hehehe. I miss those days. Hindi pa uso chinovelas but I was flooded with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean movies on that channel. Hay. Sayang wala ng Star Mandarin sa Destiny Cable.

    Here’s some of my post regarding Sassy Girl.. Isa dyan yung sinabi ni Irene about sa copyright infringement ng isang Pinoy composer:

  4. jc says:

    i hope to see the tree din and make it in korea. My sassy girl is also my favorite movie.

  5. just_me says:

    my sassy girl movie rocks! i love the movie!

  6. pastelrain says:

    hi! i was just searching through the net for the trailer of my sassy girl tagalized version and your blog appeared on the list, so i decided to visit this page and give a comment.

    like you, i’ve seen and watched the movie lots of times and i get to ‘learn’ and discover new things everytime i watch it. the funny thing is, im not really into those ‘chinovelas’ and ‘koreanovelas’ unlike most Filipinos (especially mom who’s very, very, very, veeeerrrryyy fond of such that she’s got this tons of vcds piled up in her room!), but i liked my sassy girl. summer of last year, my mom bugged me about watching my sassy girl but i kept on arguing that i wouldnt place myself into the level of people who are crazy for the chino and korean series and movies. but when i got bored one time, i decided to watch it. result? i loved it!! from then on, i’ve been watching korean movies and only a few of korean series.

    with the american version of my sassy girl, im also having doubts about the outcome of the movie. i think it wouldnt have the essence and the ‘feel’ i have witnessed with the korean version.

    i also hope you get to visit the ‘tree’! how i wish i can go to korea soon! i want to visit that tree too!!!! =)

  7. pastelrain says:

    i think there’s something wrong with the page’s date. all of the comments appeared to be made on july 23, but today’s october 10 =)

  8. Betchay says:

    ^^ thanks for telling me that… it must have something to do with IE…

  9. AlhaMage says:

    Hi, i also loved the story of MY SASSY GIRL and I’m so envious of you coz you’ve already watched the Directors cut. I’ve just watched the movie 5 times but i’ve already discovered a lot of unusual things in the movie. the movie really rocks, it’s my favorite. i hope one day that i would also see the tree, and if i’m lucky enough, i also hope to see JEON JI HYUN in person!!
    Long Live MY SASSY GIRL FANS!!!

  10. chunbee says:

    hi there.
    if ur wondering if the tree is still alive, well it’s still is. i went there a year ago. and i must say that there’s really something magical about that pine tree. i got pine cones as souvenirs by the way~~~ anyway, i hope you’ll see the tree as well. before, people there said that there were so many tourists looking for the tree. right after the movie was shown. but when i got there, i found myself alone haha…after all, the movies is old. but anyway. it was perhaps one of the best tour ive ever done. the train ride took me 4 hours but the experience was priceless…:)

  11. jey says:

    hey! can u help me where I can find the tagalized version of my sassy girl?
    i just really like this movie so much!
    pls send at my email address :

  12. Harold says:

    hi guys, can you help me? where can i buy tagalized version? i’ve been looking for this long for long time still music/video are always out of stock.. 🙁 would appreciate your help.thank you.. – please mail me:

  13. mina says:

    hi..been looking also a copy of the tagalized version of my sassy girl..pls email me if you know where i can buy it..thanks a lot…

  14. mina says:

    hi..been looking also a copy of the tagalized version of my sassy girl..pls email me if you know where i can buy it..thanks a lot…my

  15. leonard lotino says:

    tagalized my sassy girl? I got it here

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