Raw octopus in Korea

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  1. Bot says:

    Yikes! Kadiri!!!Para ngang bulati!

  2. Bot says:

    Bisgusting!!!According to Isabel…

  3. Betchay says:

    kaya nga never tried eh… kahit ano’ng pilit!

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  5. Cesar says:

    Raw Octopus or is a delicacy in Korea just as Chicken Feet (Adidas) and Kilawin are in Philippines. I’ve heard it taste sweet and spicy (because of the dipping sauce) from my K-friends. It’s highly nutritious and have some medicinal value (libido enhancing) too. A word of caution though; it has been reported that some inexperienced eaters (mostly Koreans) have died of asphyxtiation (lack of oxygen) when eating this – mainly due to the live Octopus trying to escape while beeing swallowed in the throat and thereby blocking your windpipe.

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