107th Philippine Independence Day in Seoul

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  1. Miguk says:

    I was planning on attending, but a friend told me we needed an invitation. Too bad, it looked like a lot of fun

  2. Betchay says:

    We didn’t have an invitation on hand but one of the organizers just told us to come and call him when we get there.

  3. Anne says:

    Hi Betchay,

    Hello! I don’t know if you still remember but I e-mailed you before November 2005 prior to my trip there as part of the Filipino journalists delegation covering the APEC Busan Summit.

    I really would like to thank you for referring me to Prof. Marlon Aves Diloy, of Yeungjin College, who was not only a very potent source of news and information regarding Pinoys in Korea, but who has since become my good friend, too.

    Anyway, Prof. Diloy and I are organizing a concert for the Filipino community there in October in time for the Cushuk festival. We will be bringing in Ara Mina and Jimmy Bondoc for an acoustic-type of concert, titled “Ara Mina: Heart n’ Seoul.” Part of the net proceeds of the concert will go to the Pinoy group who would be willing to help us in other aspects of the concert, such as processing of the visa and work permits of the artists and the entourage. Of course, if the org wants to co-prod with us, they’ll have a bigger share in the net proceeds. By the way, a Filipino band who is well-loved in Daegu will serve as the front act.

    I was wondering if you could help us out again in finding our perfect organization to work with us in this project. I am determined to go there by June 11 to attend the Migrant Workers Day celebration and to meet the Fil org leaders. If in case, I might not be able to come, Prof. Diloy will certainly be there.

    I am looking forward to your favorable response and I assure you that our concert will start promptly. Ara and Jimmy are even willing to spend some time with the Fil groups there for picture taking and autograph signing probably a day before the actual concert.

    Thank you and my warmest regards to everyone there. I hope to finally meet you and see you soon.


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