a Korean wedding and a funeral

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  1. Miguk says:

    It is Daegu, not Jecheon, that is more famous for apples (and beautiful women). Unfortuntely, I can only sample the former whenever we visit. 🙂

  2. annabanana says:

    hmmm..i agree with miguk, taegu apples are really luscious! btw, betch, the wedding ceremony didnt really cost that much…the amount of money that you’ve mentioned is the “dowry” money, which the couples use to start their life together. both sets of parents will pool a certain agreed amount, and then they will buy furniture and appliances for their kids, sometimes the amount will go to “jonse” or rent money. my sis-in-law got married in a church, and they only spent 1.5 million for the reception, church fee is just a donation, the gifts to parents cost more…and then the honeymoon, and etc..etc..haaaay, buhay!

  3. Betchay says:

    my father-in-law said that daegu apples are just well-marketed… he used to be an apple farmer in jecheon, btw


  4. GIDGET says:

    Just wondering, do they practice giving dowry . Is it true it’s the bride’s parents give dowry to groom’ family. I like your blog site, Betchay. It gives me a lot of info about Korean culture. I want to visit Korea next year on Jang Dong Gun’s birthday. Can i get in touch with you when the time comes?

  5. ayub says:

    i am ayub from pakistan, plz if u dont mind i need your email address, for a such good product!!


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