Job ad for pinoy web designer

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  1. angela says:

    am sorry to say this, but i should have seen your site a long time ago. the former website designer of that site is a friend. she was kicked out for not wanting to work for more than 12 hours daily. the owner of that site is really some kind of shady korean boss, a typical slave driver. i don’t know if they have already hired one.

    i think the reason why they wanted to hire a filipino is that because basically we are hardworking and don’t complain much.

    anyway, good luck to whoever will get hired.

    btw, i love your site. this is fantastic. nice to know another filipina who blogs around here in ROK.

  2. Whoever says:

    Angela can u get me in touch with the former designer with worknplay? I know their new top candidate kasi eh. no new hire yet, but waiting for visa lang. it would be nice to get some more info about that company. my email:

  3. dave says:

    12 hours daily is most likely the working hours here in korea..its hell , sa be aware of your decision guys

  4. jansenbertumen says:

    hi…i have a cousin that is so smart in web design he is newly grad in central philippine university…can u pls email me if u are still in need…hes finding job but its so difficult to find job here in phils..he can work more than that..hes hardworking..thanks..

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