Bruises for long hair

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3 Responses

  1. reijene says:

    well, public school punishes boys with long hair too! the guards cut a very ugly portion of their hair. Then the girls, the only rule is that they shouldn’t dye their hairs. Unfortunately, my hair is naturally brown, so i was subjected to the humiliation of being inspected. Only to humiliate them back because my hair was brown to the roots (heehee!)…

  2. yuann says:

    well…actually i llke long hairs..(but like korean style huh..)..but i don’t like bald hair..i really don’t know why..maybe because they look-like gangster..and i don’t like gangster people..(sorry for that..) that’s it..^_^


  3. Elane says:

    In our school boys must have the military style of hair. Semi-Army cut that is. I think it is cool. Their hairs looked like those of a gentleman.

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