A trip to the dentist’s

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  1. annabanana says:

    aruy! at extraction pala ang gimik ng sister na ito! hope you are feeling better my dear…chika uli tayo when your gums feel better! muah to you!

  2. suppledexplorer says:

    Dental filling?my gosh! that cost a lot!

  3. Jacob says:

    Everyone is scared of their dentist and why wouldn’t they be. The white walls, the scary chair with dental equipment arranged around it. Arhhh !!! but the most scary part is the cost of dentist. Dental costs a lot even if you have dental insurance. Sometimes I think that taking my family once a year to the dentist would be easier for me as I don’t make much. I have been looking for best dental plans and dentist that provides effective plans but so far I have succeeded in my request.
    Anyways thanks for this post !!!

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