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  1. lynm says:

    lol… i really love reading your journals.. it’s really quite entertaining….. i like reading about your daily life in korea… i would love to visit sk someday… i feel your pain.. bwahaha coz’ i’m in my early twenties… nows ^^ and yet i still don’t really know how to cook.. i pity my future husband to be.. coz’ i can’t cook either <.<

  2. calzado says:

    i have the same problem… and I really like your post.

    how can I subscribe me to your blog?

    my mail its the one in the formulary

  3. Wow really love your blog, very entertaining in deed, I would really like to go to Korea some time..sounds like an awesome experience.

  4. suppledexplorer says:

    HUHUHU its my weakest link grrr..Dont know how to cook either..Should I marry a husband who has a profession related to cooking..A chef for instance LOL!

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