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  1. doris says:

    Hi ^^ I really appreciate your time doing this blog. This really helps a lot of Filipinos in Korea. I’m planning to even have a vacation in Korea in spring ( next year ).

    I know this is really overrated and I feel stupid asking this. But, I’ve been really bothered nowadays. And, just want some form of an answer from a Flipina there.

    Do lots of Korean men really serious with Filipino women? I read they’re kinda racist or something , and don’t prefer brown-skiinned or nonKoreans.

    Well, just got a heartbreak from a Korean guy. It has been a year, and once in awhile, we exchange hi and hello’s.He’s just got a new gf.

    I’m recovering. I love him. But, I just wana know if, generally, they really tend to love these Filipnas they’ve met.

    p.s.:If this would be necessary, I’m not a liberal woman seen in clubs or who looks for foreigners for something else other than love. I just fell in love without my intention. It was true and stuff.


    • Betchay says:

      Hi Doris! I’ve been here for six years and I’ve encountered, met and talk with countless Koreans. I wouldn’t really call them racist, but more like xenophobic. They usually have a collective mindset and don’t usually think out of the box. (There’s a new KT article about mixed marriages). There are those who don’t really think nor behave like a typical Korean as we’ve heard about them.

      Are there really Korean men who fall in love with the Filipinas they’ve met? My husband fell for me, and he’s not the only one. Nor am I not the only brown-skinned Filipina who fell for a Korean guy. I guess our husbands just happened to be Koreans. Are we the kind of liberal women who’re often seen in clubs looking for foreigners? You mean like that “Nicole” girl? Absolutely not. In one of my talks with friends, most of us fell for our guys because they’re not as egotistic as the other guys we’ve met before. I mean, they’re great but would listen to you when you talk and think that your opinion matters. With my husband, I admired most his principles, idealism, and his word-of-honor. I’m proud of him although sometimes I think he needs to be more practical.

      Have you had a Filipino boyfriend before? I don’t know how old you are, but in some aspect Korean guys are just like other guys. You could have a relationship with them and break up. The same way when you have a Filipino boyfriend, you won’t always end up together. That’s life.

  2. arvinsign says:

    I can say generally from my experience that they (Koreans) are xenophobic. A small fraction of which, probably racist (on the same proportion as the number of racists in the Philippines who generalizes Indians/Pakistanis as bad smelling people or Westerners as disease carrying people etc). You will meet Koreans who thinks all Filipinos are good, and you will meet Koreans who regards Filipinos as a country of laborers.

    and i agree, most Koreans are like Filipinos..with good and bad apples. Just be careful

  3. doris says:

    Thank you for your answers, guys ^^

    wow, your husband is really cool, betchay~~ ^^ I love people with a sense of idealism and word-of-honor ( which my ex bf, chany ( the Korean ) didn’t have kk)

    anyway, yup, I have had one relationship with a Filipino, and I’m a bit young but not too young. around my 20s.

    Your’re right. I’ll just have to let go of him and accept the fact that some people may be xenophobic or something. ^^

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