I, Robot at Seoul Cinema

my husband and I went out Sunday afternoon… we decided to watch a movie… we were really planning to see Spiderman but when we arrived at Seoul Cinema it wasn’t showing anymore… we just decided to watch I, Robot… ’twas a futuristic movie, based on a book by Isaac Asimov, starring Will Smith… the movie was going to start at 640pm… we were a bit early, so we just bought two tickets for 14,000 won and walked to Youngpoong Bookstore near Jonggak station… we just looked at some books, dvds, toys, etc…

at around 620pm we thought it was time to go back to the theatre… we bought some donuts (Dunkin Donuts) first and bottled water… Seoul is terribly hot and humid!!!

we got to the theatre about 5 minutes from opening time… hmm, the theatre was full… what can i say about the movie? it was really good… sure there were some flaws but who cares? the movie was set in 2035 Chicago… what else? 😀

i’m sleepy now…

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